He is checked in

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He is checked in

So as I posted, ABF had agreed on Monday to go to Rehab. His parents (he is 37) came down to help him make the arrangements. THey left on Wednesday. He was detoxing at home, and really struggling. On Wednesday I found him at the corner store buying beer, and I through out his beer and made him go home.

On Thursday I found a cold 12 pack with 4 gone in the recycling bin right outside of the house. He denied drinking and I was sucked into an argument about it, with him demanding to go to the urgent care to have a blood test so that he could prove I was wrong.

On Friday, he promised to stay home, I went to work. He called at noon and it was completely apparent that he was drinking. I left work so that I could get the kids off the bus and they would not come home to find him this way.

I took his son to his son's mother. I took my daughter to a neighbors house. I went back into the house once, to get his keys and a change of clothes. I called his parents and his dad made the 5 hour trip back down last night.

I did not answer my phone the 1,234,567 times that he called. When his dad came to the house at 8:30 he was drunk, I was there, but he didn't know it. He was out on the deck, crying and telling his dad that he was scared. last night he was saying that he was not going to go. His dad went to a hotel, I went back to my friend's.

He called at 2am. Still drinking. Telling me that he wasn't going.
He called at 4am, wanting to know what time we would be there to get him, he was going.

He left a couple of hours ago, with his dad. He was being a baby, he was being rediculous, and he was still drunk.

His dad said he blew a .6 when he got there, they took him. He is checked in.

I am cleaning up last nights carnage. I am picking up my daughter in a few minutes and we are going to go see a movie.

Here's to (hopefully) 28 days of rest and a forumulation of a better plan.
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Hugs to you. Enjoy your time with your daughter. Hang in there I know how hard it is.
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Good Luck!

I think you will (if he stays for full treatment) have more than 28 days, if he blew .6 wow, that is coma/death BAC. and that was when his Dad got there and he kept drinking, so it got higher and higher (even when he stopped drinking) So, I am thinking he would need to stay in the hospital for at least a week before they let him into the actual rehab treatment center.
Your post didn't indicate that, but there are very few rehabs that allow someone to come in that isn't sober/clean for at least 72 hours since they don't have the resources to deal with DT's etc.
If they took him and do not have the facilities, do not be surprised if he gets transferred within the next 24 hours to the ER.
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I think it was .06, sorry. I think they said .08 was the cutoff, if he had been more drunk, they wouldn't have taken him. He will go to detox now. had he not drank beforehand, it would have been straight to rehab.
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Hoping that he completes the rehab and get's well once and for all! Relax and take some time for deserve it!
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