Finances....what is fair?

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Court ordered child support would probably amount to more than that. Plus then you wouldn't have to be his mommy, maid, cook, financial planner and personal shopper.....

Seriously, if you did a cost/benefit analysis on your marriage, would there be any benefit?

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Mine manipulated me for money. He did not want to officially live together, but I stayed at his place almost every night. He was manipulating me for money to help pay for his boat and grocery store expenses. (HIS deoderant, soap, groceries...not mine) He smirked and laughed about it. I caught on and was very stingy with my money and he went nuts. So here I was paying for my own expenses, bills, groceries and he expected me to help with his for this boat that I had no say in buying and for his groceries...basically because he could not keep up his lifestyle with all the drinking on a 140k salary.
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True, true, and ITA with what LaTeeDa said, i would be much better off right now if I was getting child support(which, in my state, with what AH makes, is a decent amount of money) I even mentioned that to him once, that perhaps he should give me the amount of money I would get for child support, so I could pay the bills with it. He then basically told me to "eff off".

the only way bills get paid now is if I go online to each bill, on the thursday he gets paid, and pay the bill. But I have mostly detached from that too, he has chosen to have his own bank account, then he is the one responsible for paying the bills.
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