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LOL. I know! We had a fight for a few weeks because he was trying to get me on board with it too because he was a control freak and a neat freak and I kept screaming no way. But basically he had the chits all the time from bad eating and all the booze and was paranoid that chit stuck to his hairs on his bottom because he was a hairy guy.

I always wondered what his friends thought the washcloth was if they saw it when they came over. I'm sure they didn't have any idea what it was used for.
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Yes! and once he got sober it got better. Ewww
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I lived with someone who often sharted. That is the official word! Never heard of wine chits.
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I used to ban smoking within 10 feet of the bathroom after mine went in - the fumes and vapours that came out were more than a body could bear. Used to buy air freshener by the case.

That went on as long as we were together through the binge/sober periods. He always claimed that it was spicy food that made him this way......Even the dog kept his distance and he could shoot some pretty toxic death rays from his puppy butt.

I've heard the term "shart" but not "chits." ROTFLMAO!

As for Shining Star's emoticon in her first post-wonderful icebreaker for a "chitty"-type subject.
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RAH moved away and: Today, Im Thankful for having the cleanest toliets on the block!
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my RABF had horrible, constant diarrhea throughout the day, with bleeding and hemmorhoids, and also has reflux from burning his gut from throat to butt! Since quitting, though, stools are healthy and rock-hard.

This is one of the reasons, I think, that alcoholics become so malnourished: everything is pooped out, and the intestines lose their ability to absorb the good stuff we need to be healthy.
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Oh yeah. Many a nights filled with the Green Apple Quick Step at this house, minus the green apple of course. The smell would gag a maggot too.
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Crazy but I guess I needed to hear this thread. My AH actually drinks a particular brand of beer because he says it "helps his digestion."

Every couple of days he sits upon his throne for a "good cleaner-outer."
He may visit the throne room five or six times on one of these days. I didn't realize it was a problem. Now I'm wondering if a normal bowel movement is what he's referring to when he complains of constipation.

I've always told him that a salad, a piece of fruit and water would work as well as his Old Milwaukee and it's cheaper.
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My RAH noticed he had regular bowl movements after about 30 days of not drinking. Before that it was 2 - 3 times every morning.
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Yep. Been there, done that. Had to clean the toilet too because XAH "refused" to do it "because he had a bad back and couldn't bend down". HA.
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Wow! Thanks for all of the great feedback. The funny stuff and the serious stuff!! And for not making me feel weird that I asked. The internet was unavailable after I posted, and I don't have but a sec right now... but so much good stuff here!!

It's funny about the emoticon, I was atually looking for one that barfed, but couldn't find it.

I will check back soon and hopefully have more time to respond. I feel better knowing it is common... I do know it is related to his drinking, but I hear the same excuses - he ate something that didn't agree with him or something too spicy, he picked up a stomach virus from the kids, food poisoning (he's had food poisoning more times than I can count), etc. And as of yesterday he claims it's due to our son's special diet. Our 3yo is autistic and is on a gluten free, casein free diet (GF/CF) and he claims he was told by a doctor this is likely the cause of his issue. AH doesn't even eat what DS eats!
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Mine had this toward the end,before he went to treatment. It came with skin rashes, alcoholic dementia, alcoholic saturation(getting drunk to different degrees, even on one beer or sip).

He had a rash when he had the bad sh*ts. Liver.

Its a terrible disease, and as if vomiting after a night of drinking is not enough to show us that it is toxic. Mine would put away a 30 pack. In one day. I would be blown away.

I remember in the morning, once, I watched him FORCE a beer down, to avoid panic and shaking. I said, "how can you do that?"

he said what happens if he didnt do it was far worse.
He is sober 6 months, now, and he is still dealing with physical unpredictablilities. I guess it goes on for a while.
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While this topic is gross (but you all have made it quite funny too) I have to admit it is one of the clues I see when AH is drinking again (he hides his drinking). When I go to clean the toilet it looks like a dirty bomb went off in there. My AH pees and poops more than any one I know. Thank GOD I do not know of any accidents hitting the floor! While I have done my share of changing babys dirty diapers it is NOTHING like a grown mans! Any one else have the joy of their AH peeing in bed? It had to be at the peak of his abuse... and then he tried to blame it on our young son...until I pointed out the VERY wet underwear in the hamper!
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Today is a New Day
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...not exactly the sort of thread I intended to read while eating lunch!

Mine had this same problem. He was used to going, like clockwork, once per day in the morning.
Then when he would drink heavily the day before, he'd be unable to go the next morning, which he used as a reason to drink more that day... Finally I would get him to stop drinking for two days, and by the third day he couldn't stand it anymore, started drinking again, would notice his bowels were more like normal (because those two days got the alcohol out of his digestive system), and then tell me that alcohol didn't cause the problem, it fixed it.
He also had a bleeding problem, which followed the same exact cycle. I'm convinced it was hemorrhoids (he's getting older, plus used to cough 500 times in the morning "to clean out his lungs," not to mention that alcohol thins the blood vessel walls which can cause hemorrhoids on its own...) but he swore it was cancer, and would drink more.

The one time I wasn't feeling well and mentioned something about my bowels due to the sickness, he blew up in my face for even bringing up such a "disgusting topic"... But his diarrhea and bleeding and bowel problems were the most common discussion we had in the last year at least, with the possible exception of his ranting on what a horrid person I was because of XYZ.

He did not have the "chit" problem as far as I am aware, but from the way his digestion was going, it wouldn't have been much longer before that would have developed, too.

My bathroom is so much cleaner, now - and that's after the addition of Peaches' litterbox! I still haven't figured out a good way to get his blood spots out of my good bath rug.
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Yep -- same disgusting things happened at my house. Wasn't until after I left that I realized the loose diarrhea-type stools were related to the drinking. And then, when I thought about how long it had been going on.... and realized how bad the drinking had been.... for that long.... and how well he had hid it from me..... I was upset, but validated at the same time.

No messes on the floor, thankfully. However, the toilet.... UGH.... and it would splatter all over the bowl and onto the bottom of the toilet seat, where it would leave such gross stains! We generally used different bathrooms, but whenever I would clean that bathroom.... UGH again! Buying new toilet seats periodically helped, but....

Can't help but wonder what his bathroom looks like these days???
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A dated but very interesting technical review of alcohol's effects on the gastrointestinal system (from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism):

It explains a lot of what I observe in AH.
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My in denial xabf had the same problem. I swear he was in the bathroom 10 times a day and the sounds that came out of there look out. He too tried to blame it on spicy food but I knew that it was the alcholism. Thanks for this post. I do not miss cleaning those toilets since he would never clean them.
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This thread actually made me gag a little. :rotfxko
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This is funny chit....

Thanks for the best laugh of the week!!
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XAH was always blamed the chits on my cooking. Even if I pointed out that he cooked, never let me cook, it was my cooking. I hated living in an apartment with only one bathroom with him.

Originally Posted by Alone22 View Post
Any one else have the joy of their AH peeing in bed? It had to be at the peak of his abuse... and then he tried to blame it on our young son...until I pointed out the VERY wet underwear in the hamper!
Alone22, yes, XAH pulled the same with us. He tried to tell me that DS's diaper must have leaked, when he was potty training, he'd say DS wet the bed, didn't matter that DS's clothes were bone dry. When XAH passed out and peed on the couch, in the closet or blacking out and peeing in the washing machine (on my clean clothing, I might add), in the extra bedroom on the floor, it was the cats who did it. Right......
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