Things are moving along now...

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Things are moving along now...

I don't know what made this happen, and i don't care. All I know is that last night my AH got in touch with the reality of the situation.
" I can't figure out any way to come up w/ the money for your residency.
So you are going to have to go back."

This was followed by a lot of quacking plans/schemes of how I'm going to come up every month so he can keep getting money for me living here etc...

But the important thing is now I can plan to go, out in the open.
I even managed to tell him that I have some plans already worked out, citing I hoped for the best but planned for the worst.

My "ride" is on holiday this week. As soon as she come back I can work out a departure date. Prob. the beginning of May.

While I'm just as relieved as all of you. I know the tide of emotions, that I have been holding back, are going to come in very soon.
(even now, bcause I have not had much sleep)
So I know its crucial that I visit SR daily and really begin working on my recovery now!

I'll post again soon! Hugs to all.
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I just wanted to add, that I am really proud of the way I handled things last night.
I just let him quack. I did not get caught up in all the emotional BS or the grand plans that he has to make this work!

I could have interjected blame... but didn't. That was huge for me.

And mostly during our conversation I was thinking of all the phone calls I need to make today, and how grateful I am that I can now make them.
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You are taking your life back, one step at a time.
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Now, THAT'S a relief. Good job not getting sucked in last night!
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I'm so relieved to hear this. Bless you.
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