that chain isn't locked....

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Lightbulb that chain isn't locked....

Went to an alanon speaker meeting today:

She was hilarious, and brilliant.

She got my attention when she said:

''A dear friend told me: 'One of these days, you are going to look down at that chain on your leg and realized that it is not locked.' "

In other words, we are prisoners of our own thoughts, actions, words......

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Yep. Good one! I am going to copy that down for later use!
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Impurrfect (04-02-2011)
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Wow, that's exactly what happened to me this year. That's when I told my AH we have to go to marriage counseling. I realized many years ago that I wasn't happy but still thought that chain was locked. After 4 years in Al-anon , lots of SR, and reading recovery literature, I finally realized the chain is not locked. Oh, happy day, now I don't know why I thought it was! Don't know if the marriage can be saved but I know I can
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chicory (04-03-2011)
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RIP Sweet Suki
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Take a look at my second signature line.
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Suki, the Eagles had it right many years ago. Thanks!
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A work in progress
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Thanks, suki, I was having a brain freeze as to who had that on their sig line. That's what popped into my head as soon as I read the thread.

I love it, it's SO true.

The deal is, we can't notice that absence of a lock (or that we have the key) until we are ready to. But it makes for a great a-HA! moment when we realize it, really deep down.
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I live in Texas and in my city there are legal referral services. I contacted one of them and saw a divorce lawyer for $20 for 30 minutes. The hope is, of course, that you procur their services for your future divorce. The lawyer I saw was amazingly helpful and saw me for an hour for the $20!! He normally charged $300 per hour.
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Boomer, i hope you got some great information. Keep up the good work of taking care of yourself!
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Suki, I have quoted your tag line on this forum quite a few times...I love it...took me a while to look down at the chain on my leg and realize that be damned, I DO have the key. Not only do I have it, I've been carrying it around in my hand all this time!

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I really need to hear this today! I posted a ridculously new thread today (are there any "success" stories out there) and really I just should have read this!!!!! Thanks for the short & sweet eye opener passionfruit!!!! I just had my "a-HA" moment!

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