THANKS RAH...Its The Best Laugh Ive Had All Week

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Talking THANKS RAH...Its The Best Laugh Ive Had All Week

Now keep in mind taxes are due April 15th.

We owe Federal, State, Quarterly, State Sales Tax
plus a hefty accountants bill.
All due in the same week (my

Im working double time, trying to keep up with the bills.

RAH hasnt sent no money, like he promised 6 weeks ago, to help with a HUGE house payment & bills...Along with all of the other living expenses of life....blah blah blah...

Today he calls and wants to share his NEW idea with me!!

He wants to fly into state on a Friday night, get a hotel and have dinner.
I would have to drive 2.5 hours there to see him.
Then he would fly out the next morning..

Aprox $1,000 later (PRICELESS)

He asked me, if I would drive there to see him and what I thought of the idea...
I think he went from alcohol to wackey weed!:rotfxko
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Wow, that's uh..hmm, I wonder if he's living on the same planet that we are?
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Sounds like he is living in a parallel universe........does that universe take cash or credit for their flights and hotel rooms??????
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So, my AH did the taxes. We had not done enough deductions and had to pay through the nose 2 yrs ago, so last year, we did extra deductions and my AH figures out that in HIS state, he still owes, but in MY state, we get money back and federal we get money back. He wants to split the refund 50/50. Well, dude, if in YOUR state we owe, that's because YOU didn't do your deductions for YOUR job right, but whatever. Sometimes its too hard to argue with them, so okay.
Sometimes the just can't figure it.
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finding peace-

why don't you do some turbotax calculations and see what YOU would get if you filed solo yourself in your state?
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and we talk a lot about the fantasy that WE keep

my A would cook something like this up. its maddening. like dealing with a 10 year old.
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Originally Posted by naive View Post
finding peace-

why don't you do some turbotax calculations and see what YOU would get if you filed solo yourself in your state?
There's no law that says you must file joint... Would be curious to see how you do.
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why don't I file separately?

(sorry to hijack) because he was kind enough to do the taxes and I don't want to. because he didn't do it on purpose. because he figured out the numbers on his 40th birthday and I didn't buy him anything, but the amount (about $300) was equal to what I would have bought him (before we decided to divorce). because he said he did them seperately and we didn't make as much (jointly) and I have no reason to believe he'd lie to me about money (he has always been generous around money). because I'm tired. because I don't want to argue with him any more.

I realize that's all crazy reasoning and I should do the numbers just to see. <sigh> sounds hard.
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Wow. Thank you all very much!! my sister has run very one off. the maintenance money from ex husband is over and the last daughter is now living with her Dad. she has three girls. the middle one spent her senior year living with her friends family. now she is a sophomore in collage and for the past two years my sis wants to calm here on her taxes.the first year she did and it stopped all of my nieces scholarships. This year my niece told her no and she told her she will be sorry because she has breast cancer
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I just read my post. my niece wanted me to find out if she really has cancer? i know its a lie!!
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I hope to get the girls to use this site! I'm going to see the girls this week I to introduce them to Al-non.
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Back when I owned property that I leased to my ex (not an alcoholic) for his business (winery) I was freaking out because I didn't understand the tax stuff (fortuntately we weren't married so that wasn't an issue) and I was worried because any legal problems would be a disaster for me, professionally. I found a good accountant that I gave ALL the info to, who plugged everything into the right place and took all the responsibility for figuring out what deductions I was or was not entitled to.

Even though I live alone now and long ago sold the winery property (talk about a financial albatross!), I continued to use the same accountant to prepare my taxes and now that I'm planning to start my own business later this year, he's been a GREAT resource of advice and will keep me on the right track.

For me, having an accountant has been a godsend. It's not unlike having a good lawyer, someone who you are paying to look out for YOUR interests. If you can afford one (mine charges $270 to prepare individual returns and around $500 for a business return) (oh, and the fee is deductible) it is a GREAT way to reduce the stress around tax time.
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