Bitten by the snake of addiction

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Bitten by the snake of addiction

I'm in my 20th year of recovery, have a solid AA program, and was just freaked out by addiction. My former business partner and ex-boyfriend had more time than I did. While we live on opposite sides of the country, I know he's taking prescription meds for "anxiety disorder". Right. We had a conversation that turned into an insane diatribe on his part: he said I should be in prison because I stole $200,000 from our company (we stopped being partners in 2005). I was totally flabbergasted but should have asked how I did that since he was completely in-charge of finances and, aside from having a company credit card, didn't even have access to money.

This was five weeks ago and I haven't spoken to him since. What I heard was so insane it terrified me. I heard someone I've known very closely for 18 years suddenly in the insanity of addiction. What I do know is his drug problem (or lack thereof) is none of my business and that all I can do is take care of myself.

I had forgotten the twisted, distorted thinking of active addiction. All I can say is -- thank God it isn't me.
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eesh. scary is right.
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You did the right thing by not saying much. You said it yourself "insane diatribe."

If he calls again, I'd hang up. You don't need this nonsense.

Twenty years in recovery. Wow. I'm really impressed.
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I had a similar experience recently. My boss and his wife divorced last year (at her request) and she's gone off the deep end. Addicted to Adderall and 3-4 other drugs (who knows what). She called last week, caught me on the phone and rambled for 45 minutes about rats, termites, worms and roaches infesting their 6500 sq foot, 5 year old home. Says there are bugs in her ears but the doctor can't get rid of them. She said the foundation is cracking and all the wood is rotting. She went on and on about all kinds of paranoid delusions and it was freaking SAD and very disturbing. She calls him leaving rambling messages - many, many times per day on every phone he has.

Yikes. She used to be such a beautiful, fun, down-to-earth sweetheart.

Drugs SUCK.
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YEP drugs suck

sucks the life out of the person and everyone around them that has been effected because of it....

I say HERE!HERE! that its not me and thank god for my al-anon group...because today, i am alittle wiser than YESTERDAY.....

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NYC, I'm glad it's not you too!
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Your post made me think.... Do you ever think that addiction is not their only problem? i think it sometimes skewers into many different other problems thats so easy to cover up with 'addiction'. But does all their behaviour fall under that 'addiction' umbrella? maybe not.
This post got me thinking about personality disorders within alcoholics..... or ...... alcoholics with personality disorders?
2 different balls of wax?
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An oldtimer I know...

...always says thank God for the people who go back out so he doesn't have to. This is a dude that is knocking on 45 years of sobriety after 20 years of drinking. He's one of the best people I know, and responsible for more sobriety in my city than arguably any other single person.

So, God bless your friend, I'm sorry it was him, but thanks to him for doing it so others don't have to.

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