codependency question - christian iconography

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codependency question - christian iconography

a current bad habit im thinking i have is that for reasons of compassion and pride i tend to enjoy losing myself in helping other people.

this could well [probably is] doing me harm since i ending up flat and in need myself after getting lost in helping other folks.

however seems to me like part of the why has something to do with a part of my trying to emulate the christ i was taught at school.

some sort of wish to save others -

now again maybe i have my theology wrong and jesus didnt lose himself in others problems although if you believe in the jesus story he was killed when all he wanted to do was raise human conciousness.

am i following this example?

ps i am codepdendent quite bad and have been working on it for a week or so actively
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Further to the above message if trying to control other people when it is not your business to do so is a codependent way then doesnt that mean missionary zeal is also a controlling codependent thing [i dont mean all missionary work just forcing it i guess it can be---not always im thinking but probably in some cases if the missionary isnt strong enough mentally to
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I'm not a religious person.
Last I recall from the stories, there were two other people crucified with Christ.
One took, responsibility for his actions, said he was sorry and he was saved.
The other, remained a criminal, denied responsibility for his actions and was not saved.

What's my point? Our alcoholics could be a parallel to the guy who denied his role. It wasn't up to Jesus to make him believe. We/me need to be more like the guy who took responsibility for their actions/life and was rewarded.

There's nothing wrong with helping people and I don't see help as codependent behavior.
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