Dinner at our Sons

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Dinner at our Sons

So I will try to make this short, because I am sure you all can fill in the blanks. Our 21 year old son moved out about a month ago. He has been trying all week to get us to come over for dinner and a movie. So we planned to last night. When I got home from the gym, My A was already hitting the bottle. I asked him if we were going to pick up some kind of dinner and take it to his house, or what did he want to do. He said, "I was thinking HE could pick up dinner and bring it HERE"!!!!! I said, "Well, Chris wants us to go to his house, and I am going. You can go, or stay. Its up to you". He mentioned "Why does he want us to come over" a couple of times, and re-stated what I said before. (you see, it was interfearing with his drinking time!) Well, he says that He can't NOT go over! So we went, and took chinese food with us. My A ended up passed out on my sons living room floor fo about 80% of the time there! I was embarrised! Why did he even bother going! He can't even go to his sons house for the first time sober! I just had to vent!
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That does stink!! Your poor son, wants to show off his new place, and it get's "christened" like that... What a bummer for you and him.
Keep your chin up!
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Maybe next time

you can plan on going to your son's for dinner on your own. It sounds like it would be a much nicer evening that way.
Sorry this one didn't turn out so well.
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