Sober Living Houses

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Sober Living Houses

How long do people tend to stay in sober living houses? Can anyone give pros/cons for going this route. TY
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My daughter is in a sober living and has been there 6 mo...some people there are court ordered for 6 mo. or a year..some are there on their own...she is looking to move out soon..our therapist said a min. of 4 mo. would be just gives them time to have some freedom, not alot, take baby steps toward living was a MUST for my daughter..she had no idea how to live while sober..hers is not expensive 500 a mo. and has been worth every penny
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They can go up to a year or longer. Many of them require the resident to get a job and do not allow the family to pay for more than the first 2 or 3 weeks. It is about them being self supporting through their own contributions.

As to being a good idea or not .......................... everyone I have seen go through a Sober Living Facility and stick it out has come out much better able to cope with living sober and a much more active recovery program working for them.


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my daughter didn't do it after the first rehab..right back out she went..
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The BF-type person (not sure what he is at this point. ha!) Lived on and off in sober living. Last go around he said he had a plan with a buddy to find an apartment so he left and lost his spot there.

I think he was kicked out because he had been kicked out before. My guess it that they do random tests?

It is affordable living where they get support and there are still rules to follow but not like an inpatient rehab.

As long as they are working their program and abiding by the rules, it sounds like a logical step from rehab to the 'real' world.
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My AH drank the whole time he lived in a sober house - I'm guessing that some are better than others. The one he was at didn't enforce any of the rules, so he sat in his private room and drank.
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The one my STBXAW is in requires a min of 6 month stay. The people that run it recommend at least a year. She seems to be doing well so who knows if it will help.
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