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Originally Posted by tjp613 View Post
If you're going to make the investment in her recovery, you might want to consider that a 90 day (minimum) program gives them the best chances. It takes at least that long for the brain to truly start healing and creating *new* pleasure pathways. And when you consider the dual-diagnosis there's even more reason to consider a long-term program.

Just sayin'...
For lots of reasons (this being a forum dedicated to the 12-step approach and naming the program seems "identifying" to me), I'm reluctant to say too much about the program. In brief, the program is based on the "Pennsylvania Model of Recovery."

But, as I understand it (and I don't have the materials right in front of me), the suggested program length is a *minimum* of 6 months (180 days) and, frequently, the recommendation is for one year.

This is an out patient program - so she can still go to work, etc. And the the total cost (for 6 months) will be about twice the original down payment of $3500. There's something about "lifetime" access to . . . counseling (maybe), but I'm not entirely clear on that detail right at the moment.

There's a chance that some of it may be covered by health insurance.
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