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I honestly think that my saying ahead of time that I won't silently take the same old crap will at least give them pause before acting in their usual way....

Typically what happens is I know what is coming before they all come, I get worried, they show up, the games begin, I say nothing (bc for years when I would I'd get told that I was causing a problem and ruining the day) and bc I am tense and anxious I am still blamed for "ruining the day".

This time there's no confusion about what I am saying and what I won't tolerate and I kind of hope they do show up so that I can demonstrate what a clear boundary is going to look like in my house.

The last thing I want is a scene at my D3's party and I will not do anything that will cause that... but I sure am feeling empowered right now... Why the hell did it take me so long to figure out that I not only have the right to set limits in my own home but that I should...
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