worried about ABF

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Question worried about ABF

ABF has been drinking for several years, we have only been together for one. Drinking has increased greatly over last few months, and he got a DUI a month ago. BAC was >.25. He has gotten money from his family for a lawyer, and for an addiction doctor. He has seen the doctor twice, and he increased his antidepressants and gave him vitamins. Nothing about quitting, detox, etc. Needless to say, he has continued drinking over the last month, and is now back up to his regular 6-8 beers a day. The last straw for me came when he went through my cabinets while I was in the shower and slammed a beer, and hid the bottle in the back yard. There is a no drinking rule at my house, which he had until that day respected. He has never hidden his drinking from me like that. I found the bottle a few days later and told him I was upset, and needed some space. I called him a couple days ago to check on him and no response, it's now been a week since we've talked. I am worried that he has gone on a bender and/or killed himself. (He has pretty serious depression, and it's not like him to at least let me know if he's alive.)

I know the best thing for both of us is to stay away from each other, but I am really truly concerned about his well-being and life at this point. I know that his temporary license expired, and he can't drive, so I am guessing he is home alone drinking 24/7. I am just worried he may OD. Don't know if I should call him again, or go over and check on him. Or just keep distance.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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You gotta do what's right for you. Think it might be best if you keep your distance, but that's obviously easier said than done. Good luck.
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