New here, saying hello......

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New here, saying hello......

hello. I am new to this entire process, hope I am posting in correct place.
I am adult child of alcoholics, and stupidly enough love my 'significant other' of ten months who is also an alcoholic. I am living with my 64 yr old father, and my significant other, and some days I just want to run away and never come back. Hoping this will be not only a place to vent, but a place to learn, support others, and figure this thing called life out.
Thank you for being here,
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Welcome and sorry for what brings you here. I grew up with an AF and a crazy making mother. I am now married to my AH and been with him for almost 9 years. Though he was in recovery when we met and married. It is a hard life to life with addiction and I am sending prayers out to you. I am not sure what else you are doing for your recovery so I will tell you what I am doing. I see a counselor every week, go to online meetings, read everything I can get my hands on, journal my thoughts daily and I come on this site. Please remember you did not CAUSE it, you cannot CONTROL it, and you cannot CURE it. You can only take very good care of yourself.
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Your going to find a really great support network here. Even when we codies fall off our wagon and make mistakes...we still are there for one another...
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Yep, you can vent here along with the rest of us. Welcome!
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same planet...different world
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I hope you'll make new friends
who understand.
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A work in progress
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It's not stupid to love an alcoholic, whether in recovery or not.

It CAN be very difficult, and crazy-making (whether in recovery or not).

Have you checked out Al-Anon?

Glad you're here with us.
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welcome, I guess

I've been away from this forum for over a year, but have been active in al-anon and my recovery.
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thank you all..... I have not begun anything to take care of myself, but am attending first al anon mtg this week.... its hard to try and plan anything, because my live in bf does flooring, which is not an everyday job. So on the days he is off, I find myself worrying about him maybe needing a beer first thing in the morning, and so on, and so on. I am scared to look for full time work for this same reason. He has had librium a couple times to try and quit, and ends up using librium to get thru day, then drinks at night.
Trying out some herbal things to get him thru the day until 'beer thirty', but he is unwilling to try aa, or counseling, and that is the tough thing....... he says he hates the disease, but will not try and quit......
So I am wanting to learn how to take care of myself, as I can feel myself wearing, and not enjoying much in life anymore. Any tips are appreciated greatly.
thanks for your time,
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Welcome to SR!

Alanon will be helpful, and for the love of God...Keep posting and reading here, It has been a lifesaver to me!
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Welcome to SR.

Check out Melody Bettie's book, Codependent No More. I've found it to be an eye opener.

I think in general, if you already have a part time job but afraid to go full time because your BF might drink, suggests to me that you may need to take a few steps back, evaluate where you are and where you want to be. Part of recovery is realizing that you're tired of how it currently is and you want to make a change. From there, little things will happen but don't expect your life to be different overnight.

I don't attend Al-Anon but I spend a large part of my day in the forums, reading and writing. It helps to remain very open to what some folks have to say. I'm happy to hear that you're planning on attending your first Al-Anon meeting.
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Thank YOu Shellcrusher and B 66....... I will check out MB's book, and try to do as much reading here amap. Thank you for the kind replies.
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Welcome. your story sounds familiar. You are among friends here.
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