Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter Ants

I don't know if this is the right forum to post this or not. But it just came to me and I really wanted to share it.

Abusive/alchoholic people are like carpenter ants.
If they can find a weak point, they will get in.
And without you even knowing it they will slowly eat away at you,
until one day you realize that the very essense of who you are is crumbling all around you.

When this day comes you must run, not walk to the nearest exit.
Leave the rubble behind, and send an exterminator!

Thank you for letting me have a voice! It has been an amazing 5 days of awakening for me.
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I like it. I do not have alcoholic parents, but my daughters' father is an alcoholic. Therefore.......I need to be educated about ACOA's so I can help my children someday. I hope that I can reverse some of the damage that has undoubtedly already been done. Thanks for posting.
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I wanted to respond to your response. The best way I feel, you can halp your Daughter avoid some of the pitfalls,(that I did not) is to above all teach her the importance of Honesty. Teach her to be honest with herself, and you and that let her know that you will always be honest with her.
And most importantly that she can tall you anything!
That way if her father ever tries to get her to "keep secrets" for him, hopefully she will know that it is wrong and will come talk to you!

Its the secrets and lies, and never knowing what's real or imagined that keeps people like me, so much longer to figure out the difference between a healthy relationship and when we are just being used.

Best of luck on your parenting journey!
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