Charlie Sheen Bipolar?

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Originally Posted by wanttobehealthy View Post
I haven't watched or listened to the media frenzy save for a clip of an interview on the radio driving to work today... Ironically, he was being asked about his father's suggestion that he seek help. Charlie's response: "I'm above all that AA and other nonsense" and then went on to say how pathetic and sorry "those people" were.

That right there tells me that the problem is addiction, pure and simple (ha ha-- not simple at all). He went on to say that he is in complete control and it's others who are unable to see reality...

It was just sad to hear someone so ill and to know that this disease has no boundaries-- rich, poor etc... I hope someday he will want to get help and I also think about his young kids and hope that they are spared ever having to hear the insanity he is saying in these past weeks (has it been weeks?)

As for the mental illness diagnoses, I've personally been told that any diagnosis of a mental illness when someone is actively using needs to be questioned. Doesn't mean it is not there but as others have said, so so many mental illness have the same symptoms as alcoholism so it's a chicken/egg question. My own husband was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder but was actively drinking to excess at this time so while I don't doubt there are underlying mental health issues, I know that whatever it is that is going on with him is exacerbated greatly due to his alcoholism.
Sort of like which comes first? the hoarse or the cart? the chicken or the egg? in other words cause or effect.
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I am eternally grateful he is not my problem nor are any others like him as they are not invited into my life
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