Just wanted to say...

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Just wanted to say...

...that reading all of your posts about dealing with an A really impact me and make me think about all the pain I have caused my family and friends throughout the years. I applaud you all for your strength through the insanity of alcoholism. Reading them keeps me motivated to go on even when I don't want to.

I am sorry for all of your pain and losses, no one should have to go through this.
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Listening to people at AA meetings and reading posts here has helped me understand the battles As go through and has made me more compassionate.
it is hard on both sides. We just need to know how to find support when we need it most.
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NOBODY willingly signs on for the insanity that goes with addiction--not the addict, and not the friends and family. Still, it happens, and the best thing is to look at it with our eyes wide open. We can't recover from what we can't see and acknowledge to ourselves.
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Thanks jersey.
All the best in your recovery!!
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