Confronting a Closet Drinker

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This line of posts has been helpful to read. I recently discovered that my fiance drinks and hides it... I will keep reading and learning. I come from a family where alcoholism is rampant and I am also in recovery. So happy to have found this site.
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My AW still sneaks, even though we know, and she knows we know. She's gotten pretty good at it, too. I don't follow her around, but she manages to spike her Dr. Pepper without me seeing or hearing it. (I know it's there because I can smell it, and she becomes obviously intoxicated as the afternoon progresses).

Just my opinion, but if someone is going to great lengths to hide it, that's probably a red flag.

Best of luck, and keep posting.
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My soon to be EX AW hid her drinking from me for a long time. Their were signs before we got married but I didn't see them at the time. As was said by someone else if you marry this woman your life is going to turn into pure ####. I tried everything possible. Took the booze, dumped it out, confronted her, let her drink. Nothing worked and all I did was make her mad at me. I am in the process of a very expensive divorce that would have never happened if I had been smart enough to never marry her. My problem was that I had never been around alcoholics and didn't know anything about how they act. My advise is to get out now because you can't make her quit drinking.
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