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My AH has always had trouble sleeping, staying asleep and when he does sleep he has disturbing nightmares. I have always suggested he talk to the doctor and see if he should have a sleep study done. I know sleep deprivation can lead to other health problems such as hypertension and even depression. I also know that alcohol interferes with normal sleep and deep sleep. It could explain a great deal. I just had a phone conversation with my husband and he brought up the fact that he is having some strange experiences. His father died a few weeks ago. He started with "Don't think I have gone off the deep end". Too Late honey. He says that he keeps having nightmares where he feels like he is being touched. He says he swears he feels like he is being poked in the chest, the feet, the back and even like he is being held down. He is wondering if it is his father trying to get his attention. I am all for being open minded to other worldly experiences, in fact I believe I have experienced a few but I wonder what this is really all about? Could it be another symptom of the alcohol? My son tends to have weird dreams when he drinks as well. I just never heard anyone talk about this related to alcohol abuse.
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Well, this sounds familiar but not so "other worldly". I would lean toward alcohol abuse, but hey - whatever works, right? Maybe "other worldly" is a good motivator...

My RAH was never a good sleeper. He was up and down, complaining about nightmares and weird dreams. I notice when I was younger that when I drank too much it would give me insomnia - I would sleep for three hours and then be up again for another 3... my RAH did the same thing only regularly. I can only imagine how much it messes up the brain... not having enough REM sleep on top of being soaked in alcohol every day. Passing out is not sleeping, so the brain reacts differently. But I did hear from a psychiatrist that even passing out is enough brain rest to prevent the real nasty psychosis that comes with no sleep at all.
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My AH is also not a good sleeper and he has definitely got notibly worse over the past year or so. He often has broken sleeps, up in the night getting water and funny dreams. I am sure he has sleep apnea too as he stops breathing for quite a few breaths and I wonder if he is going to start breathing again. I have mentioned about going to see the doctor and maybe organise a visit to a sleep clinic but he doesnt follow up. I personally think that he doesnt want to face the doctor because he knows that alcohol will be an issue and he doesnt want to hear that.
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Nightmares stopped for me after I sobered up. There is something called night terrors, which, although the article below does not mention it, many alcoholics suffer from. It is related to lack of REM sleep and hypoglycemia, both of which are well known in alcoholics:

Night terror - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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I have never abused alcohol or other drugs. I have, however, had vivid dreams and nightmares all my life. There have been times when I have felt that someone was clawing at me or grabbing at me in my sleep, and it feels real. It happened most when I am in between sleeping and waking. It sounds as if your husband and son are intense dreamers, like me. Alcohol doesn't stimulate it for me, but high doses of protein of fish oil will...
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