Al-Anon at last night's AA meeting

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Al-Anon at last night's AA meeting

Went to one of my home group meetings, and I made an announcement about my other home group's anniversary meeting Sunday night--speakers and food--and invited everyone to come.

After the meeting I was called over by another member who was talking to a woman I'd never met before--he said she had questions about the anniversary meeting.

Turns out she is in Al-Anon, and was trying to get her grown kids to come to an AA meeting so they could learn a little bit about Dad's disease. She wanted to know whether they would be welcome at the anniversary meeting (she isn't sure she can get them to come).

We chatted for a bit (of course, I told her she and her kids would be more than welcome). Same old story so many of us have been through. She is currently separated, and seemed to be fairly accepting of the situation (of course, she told me she was having a good day, lol), but it bothers her that her kids seem to hate their father.

I wish we could have talked longer, but maybe I'll get to talk to her at the anniversary meeting. I did give her a hug and told her I've been in her shoes (well, except for the part with the kids).

I think it's very educational for Al-Anons to attend occasional open AA meetings. There was some very heartfelt sharing at last night's meeting. It was a good one. I'm glad I got to welcome her.
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I have generally found Alanons that attend AA meetings by choice to be very positive influences. It forced me to look at what I did from another person's perspective.
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I recently had the good fortune to hear 2 dynamic national AA speakers. The truths that they shared snout their recoveries were such an eye opener for me. It really fostered some of the compassion I needed to continue nurturing for my AH. Several of my Al Anon friends felt the same way and it encouraged some of us to attend open AA meetings to develop a deeper understanding of the disease. I think its an experience worth pursuing for anyone.
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@dgillz, i totally agree with you on this one...been going to AA meeting for about 15 years with my Uncle, and now in my own group for AL anon...I felt like i GREW up in
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At my home group monthly open meeting, a large percentage of the attendees are family members, sometimes fairly young people. Occasionally you get to see a spouse present a token, which is very cool.
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