Just want to vent...

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Just want to vent...

So I recenltly broke up with XABF. As soon as I break up with him, my roomate gets back together with her ex boyfriend that she has been broken up with for 2 years. He is a drug addict! They broke up because he was stealing my roomate's father's pain pills behind her back. He was doing this for 3 years with no one noticing. She caught him and obviously they broke up and now its been 2 years. If its not one thing its another. I know its her choice to get back with him and I cant control her but I'm just annoyed that I finally got rid of the drama in my life and now he's going to be hanging around our place causing more drama with his pill addiction. They did fight alot two years ago when they were together and I feel like its just going to be a repeat of that and I have to be around that to hear it now. He claims he's clean but we shall see I guess. Just venting because I'm over all the addict drama and somehow it sneaks back into my life! I still have a year on my lease too! Hopefully they will break up or he really is clean like he says....ahhhhh why me
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Originally Posted by duqld1717 View Post
... I have to be around that to hear it now. ...ahhhhh why me
Don't be a victim in this and no you don't.
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You can ask her not to tell you about it......

Also the one paying rent is you and if you don't want him around perhaps you can agree with the roommate not to bring in any male companions?

Or if he is around you can make plans so you are not in the apartment when he is there.. of course this is less than optimal but.... you have control of your life....

Perhaps you could be grateful you are NOT her?

In any case I know about daily triggers and working on my own feelings has been the best way to move forward, I think after your mourning is over it will be way easier to dettach from this or any other addict that you have to interact with for some reason.

Be gentle with yourself and remember its YOUR home also, and you are paying to enjoy your own safe place.
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I agree. I can always say I dont want him there but the only thing with that is, is that if I ever get another boyfriend she will say that to me. I am going to go with the flow for now, but if ONE thing happens that makes me feel uncomfortable I'm having a talk with the roomate. We both pay rent and we should both be able to have male visitors but I just dont want aymore ACTIVE ADDICTS running their little games in my apartment that I pay for! He steals so I am worried about all my stuff! I dont really care if my roomate disrespects herself by taking him back but it just better not effect me and disrespect my privacy or my things in any way or I am going to have to have a HUGE talk with her. Or get out of my lease somehow.
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good thinking.

I can't stand to be around it.
I lose my mind very quickly...and I don't have all that much to lose, so got to hang on to what's left. LOL

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I understand how it feels

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I'd poke around the local rental association and find out what's involved, exactly, in re-assigning the lease to someone else.

You never know when you'll need a quick out...
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Sadly, I have experience with this too. If you smell trouble, document everything. Document when you talk to your landlord, when you talk to the rental association, when you have conversations with your roommate, when incidents happen, and don't be afraid to use law enforcement to help you out. If anything ever happens that leads to the courts getting involved, be it criminal or small claims, you'll at least have a timeline of how you attempted to deal with the problem.

Roommates are temporary, trauma is forever!
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