Just wanted to share

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Just wanted to share

Just wanted to share some thoughts that struck me. I have been having a tough time lately. Not motivated, going from little sleep to sleeping all the time and getting only the bare minimum done of my responsibilities. I feel like I have sleep walking and just going through the motions. Of course this has made me very intolerable of people around me. I realize that I had not been faithful to the program as of late.I had missed my weekly meeting and had not been doing readings or journaling. I really feel that doing those things will get me back on track. Its what I need to do to take care of myself.
I was lucky enough to be able to attend a conference this weekend with many great speakers from AA and Al Anon. A few quotes have got me thinking.

"We have many of the same 'isms' that our alcoholic does. We just don't have the "cure " they think they do."

"Alcoholics don't have trouble with drinking. They have trouble with being sober."

It made me feel some compassion for my AH. The real tear jerker was the countdown where they ask for the senior most RA. It was a a man with 42 years of sobriety. There was a couple in front of me. Big burly guy with a Marine cap and his wife. He had an oxygen tank and a cane. He rose to proudly proclaim 36 years of sobriety and his wife beamed so proudly at him. They held hands all through the speaker's talk. I want that for my husband, I want that for us. But that is what is wrong with my thinking. It does not matter what I want. It matters what HE wants. He needs to be ready to hear the message and want to stop.

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It made me feel some compassion for my AH.
I am an RA, and I had to process many emotions before I got to compassion or empathy for my exAH.
But, once I got there, I took the focus off of him and what I think his latest transgression.
Thank you for sharing.

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