Valentine's Day

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I was thinking of taking myself out to dinner tonight but I'm wondering if it will be busy with a pre-Valentine's crowd?
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I proposed to my STBXAW on Valentine's Day so..... Maybe I will send my lawyer some flowers!
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dinner out sounds nice..maybe call ahead and ask?

LOL, have your sense of humor!
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Well last week the ex sent me a crappy little text message saying 'happy early v. day love from ya man!
But im sure he only sent it so that i would wish him a happy birthday (i didnt).

To be honest ive never really seen valentines day as a special occasion and have always really thought it is a load of rubbish,but he did and would make an effort,but i always felt as though it was rather one sided and more about him than it was about me.

Ghirl xx
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So far the V word has not been mentioned in this house. I may take myself to lunch tomorrow though. To be honest, I don't want any Valentine gift or anything because I think it would be hypocritical from someone as self-absorbed as my ADP.
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I think its a good idea to do something special for yourself. I thought of getting myself flowers. I sent out cards to a few friends. Nothing else planned. I am not expecting to hear from my husband at all. Last year when he saw that I had left him a card and chocolate on the kitchen table, he ran out to the car and came back with a cd of tribal flutes. He said he hoped it would bring me peace because he thought I needed peace in my life. When I said it was very thoughtful of him he replied, "I know". We had already decided to separate. At the time I was trying to be positive but every time I told the story I realized how ludicrous the whole thing was.
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Today is a New Day
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I think from someone who means it, everything is more than necessary.
From someone who doesn't mean it, nothing is enough.

Valentine's Day as a holiday never really meant anything to me.
When it seemed things were going well, there was no need for a reminder to say "I Love You".
Then, when things took a drastic turn downhill, it was no fun to have a day of "forced celebration" of something that didn't really exist.

Not trying to be cynical here, just my thoughts.
I'd do something special for myself, but right now, me not spending a lot of money is special. Not sure if that makes any sense?
I was going to make steak for dinner, but I made it tonight instead (Yum!), so maybe I'll crack open one of the boxes of risotto to go with whatever I make.
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When I said it was very thoughtful of him he replied, "I know".
I can just imagine this, you say "very thoughtful" as if butter wouldnt melt in your mouth.

And, HE thinks it WAS thoughtful to run out to the car!

it sounds so familiar and ridiculous, i had to laugh.
my ex would get a huge box of cheap chocolate and i wanted a few pieces of godiva.
told me it was a waste of money to get godiva while jamming his mouth full of jellies and creams, my absolute least favorite ones.

sigh....what a love affair that was. not.

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I don't know why put the 'tribal flute' cd made me LOL alot. Some people just don't ever get it I think.

As for me, meh. I have no idea if I will even hear from the RABF let alone get a card in the mail. I'm not holding my breath because he is in rehab, not much access to the world right now.

It might be like New Year's day when he called the day AFTER New Years and said, 'hey did I wish you a Happy New Years yet?' .

I'll probably get a call the day after Valentine's.

To be fair, he is probably more of a romantic than I am. I did send him a sweet card and maybe, MAYBE he will have sent me one but given where his head is at right now, I don't know.

I'm gonna do something for myself at least, I make a fabulous date!
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Today (the 13th) is the day we celebrated, since it's the day XAH and I met (30 years ago today). 6 months out from the divorce, I prepared myself for a difficult day...but it wasn't! It feels so good to get out from under the drinking and the blaming, every day is a holiday now! Am I lonely sometimes? Sure, but I was lonely in the marriage. Just some hope to offer those who might have a difficult day tomorrow. You can get away and be treated the way you deserve to be treated....even if it's how you treat yourself.

I'll be all over those 1/2 price flowers on Wednesday.

Happy Valentine's Day, all
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