Were you afraid of 1st Alanon Meeting?

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At first I resented "having" to go.
Now I look forward to it, and I'm actually grateful.

The experience that got me to this point was horrific, certainly, but I am becoming a much stronger, happier, more balanced person than I ever would have become if I didn't have a program like this.

I see the world differently now than I ever did, and I honestly appreciate the change.

Does that make any sense?
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wicked (02-08-2011)
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Meant to be

Originally Posted by DonnaJL View Post
The title of this thread took me back a bunch of years to when I finally realized I was with a full blown alcoholic and decided I needed to attend a meeting as I was so upset and despondant over the realization.
I found the info online, went to the church. The lights were on and there was a sign showing the meeting was in the basement. I entered, the room was empty but the chairs were all in a large circle so I sat down. I sat there for about an hour and nobody showed up. I sat there and cried, alone. Finally I got up, turned off the lights and left. I never did find out if I was in the wrong place or what.
It seems funny now but it was awfully sad at the time. I haven't been to a meeting since but I read the posts here for some help and guidance.
When I read this post, after spending 2 days reading on this website.
I joined. Amazing how your experience made me decided to join. So I guess that night of isolation and sadness you experienced was meant to be.
I also believe you were not alone. I just pictured your experience like
it was a movie. I sat here and cried for your sincere choice to go to that meeting, only to find no body but yourself. I hope you do reach out again.
I also hope your realize that it was meant to be the way it played out that night. Also when you left and turned out the lights, so poetic. I'll never forget this post. Most inspiring. Thank you
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DonnaJL (02-13-2011)
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were you afraid of actually going to your first Alanon meeting?
Hi Rechellef.

I don't know if "afraid" is the right word to describe how I felt going to my first AlAnon meeting. I had hit rock bottom and knew I needed to do SOMETHING. Someone told me I needed to go there, so I went. I think "desperate" is probably a more accurate description.
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I was not so much afraid but apprehensive. I didn't know what to expect. I'd already had the 'I'm done' conversation with my A when I went, so I knew I'd be an emotional car crash and was fully ready to be a sniffling wreck.. but I was apprehensive about how that would be received.

In the end my apprehension was unfounded.

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