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Today God showed me what my life will be if I don't leave now.



Today God showed me what my life will be if I don't leave now.

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Today God showed me what my life will be if I don't leave now.

It was a strange morning, every song on the radio (and I constantly switch stations) was a song about love and loss and then I had this really amazing experience.

I had can't explain the details of how I came to know this person but I was granted the oppty to sit and talk with an elderly man who had lived many aspects of MY life.

As I sat and listened to him, I listened to his life story. I don't even know how the conversation began but I know I didn't once mention my family or husband so for him to rely something so personal it just floored me. He shared his feelings of guilt and talked about his wifes illness and sometimes I gently patted his hand when he cried over finding his bi-polar alcoholic wife's body when her last attempt at manipulation went awry and he couldn't get there in time to save her like he had in her past attempts, I understood. Finally I understand what I have to do. It was like God put this man in my path, at the right time in the right place. I could really feel him saying to me.... Look, I'm showing you the future...go now. I wish I could explain it; I walked away w/ a new found courage. I'm not angry anymore. I'm still hurt that I'm not enough for him, whether that's just him Quacking or not...
it's time for his disease to stop holding me hostage and I need to save myself because Lord knows I can't save him.
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To thine own self be true.
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Wow. Just Wow.
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Of course. How long have you prayed for help? Not surprising it came.

Thank you for sharing. I really needed it.
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Our hire power shows up in mysterious ways! Keep the path and continue to take the right next step for you.
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theuncertainty (02-07-2011)
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Originally Posted by atalose View Post
Our higher power shows up in mysterious ways! Keep the path and continue to take the right next step for you.
gosh, isnt that the truth! I just keep one foot infront of the other and keep walking this journey of mine...what a path it is...*shakes head*
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theuncertainty (02-08-2011)
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Isn't it amazing? I found so often this past year that I was given gifts or words of wisdom by total strangers. That is when I knew God was taking care of me and that I was going to survive and thrive. Thank you for sharing this moment in your life. Cherish and keep it handy when you are not feeling strong.
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thanks for sharing. I'm so happy for you to have found the clear path. Best to you.
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