They don't love each other

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In any case, alcohol addiction or any kind of addiction makes a charade of love, because it creates an ego-centric form of love. If you have to lie, manipulate and hurt the person you "love" in order to get what you want, that's clearly not love.

As for us, if we expect our partner to be everything we want them to be to fill holes in our hearts that are there because we have never integrated our selves, that's clearly not love.
this is a great description solomio.
exactly this for my second marriage. both of us drunken drug abusers.
"oh, i love you, yeah i love you too."
words, just words. actions are what matter.
i had no idea what love was. i am still working on it.
so far, i just have a list of what love is not.

it is not numbing out together.
it is not having a hangover together.
it is not protecting each other by lying to others and each other.

a charade of love, just getting to the next high.

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[QUOTE=keepinon;2855416.Addicts USE each other to get their needs met and call it love because they think it is.[/QUOTE]

I am not an addict and this was presumtious of me to post..this is what I witnessed in my daughters case and I shouldn't try to presume to know what addicts feel towards each other..10th step!
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