saying hello and need support

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I second (or sixth, or tenth) the idea you should contact a DV counselor. They can help you with safety planning so you can make a SAFE exit. They know all the tricks the abusers use, and can help you avoid the traps.

Please call for help. Al-Anon can help, too, as can AA, but you can't take advantage of those while your life is in danger (and it is).
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(((hugs))) justsotired. I agree, please make the call. What you describe is a bad place for you to be.
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Yes, please call a DV hotline. I am a social worker, and your situation is very dangerous, and WILL NOT get better unless you leave. You can only focus on YOURSELF right now, no matter how much love you feel for him. I don't want to be mean or scary, but you certainly won't be able to love him if he kills you.

Thank you for coming, and thank you for sharing. Please continue to come and share, and please call 1-800-799-SAFE, 24/7. As seekingcalm said, you are so smart and brave, and you deserve so much more and better than what he is (or isn't) giving you.

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Welcome justsotired!

Sending you good vibes for a thoughtful, peaceful day, and a shot of courage as you face yourself so honestly!

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