Can alcoholics abstain from drinking all week?

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Originally Posted by duqld1717 View Post
Some of the things that he says or does i have to do a double take at. I cant believe what I'm hearing or seeing. I feel like he lives in his own little world and does nothing like everyone else in society and if someone has a problem with it, then they are a "cancer to his life"...thats what i was told.
K. Apologies in advance for my bluntness.. but I'm a Brit and we can be a little errrr straightforward.. said with lots of love.. x

I'm no psychiatrist but.. this man has issues coming out of his kazoo. I fear alcohol is not the only one. I may be wrong, but if I'm not, drying him out will make absolutely no difference to him. He will still be the same.. only no longer self medicating.. the alcohol being a symptom rather than the root cause.

My advice is.. run.. quickly and in the opposite direction. You are worth more and can do so much better.

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I'm no psychiatrist but.. this man has issues coming out of his kazoo. I fear alcohol is not the only one.
Being a psychiatrist from the school of hard knocks, I must agree with tallulahs astute diagnosis of multiple issues from the kazoo.
Please get some help for yourself. You must find out why you would spend more than twenty minutes with someone who does not like you, and has kazoo issues.

You seem like a lovely perceptive young woman. Listen to your gut. I am telling you from the hard knocks school, the gut does not lie.
He will not change, just get sicker.

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You saved me from having my head explode. You figured it out on your own-- he is, in fact, an alcoholic and is looking for a better enabler than you.

You also figured out, and well done at that, that you had a problem regardless of "how" he drinks.

It just gets worse from where you are now, so hopefully you will make the proper decision for you and act on it.

Take care,


P.s. Now that you know these things, the goal is to not repeat this pattern with another man. If you have a history of "finding" men like him, please work on why this is before signing up for another go-round. I replicated my pattern with several women, dumping the healthy ones and staying with the screwed up ones, before I figured out I was subconsciously choosing the same f'd up woman over and over again.

Originally Posted by duqld1717 View Post
This may make everyone makes me laugh...This was sort of my wakeup call. I asked him last week what his idea of his perfect mate would be. His answer was: Someone who likes to get really drunk, a doctor or a lawyer so I dont have to work, and someone that doesnt nag me. He never mentioned anyting about personality, morals, beliefs etc like a normal person would. I knew then and there that I was dealing with a HUGE PROBLEM and that was him.
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I was subconsciously choosing the same f'd up woman
Me too Cyranoak. Except she was a man. LOL!!!
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