im missing my alcoholic ex boyfriend badly :(

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In denial stage there is no ''common ground''

I find there is nothing to say , not even ''how is your recovery going?'' even though I wouldn't ask , the answer would be ''fine'' or ''great'' but she is not even IN recovery yet so there is nothing to ''talk about'' it is all deceit and I've had the ups and downs of hot and cold but I IGNORE it

Sounds like you want him to want you even if you don't want him , you want him to show you he loves you , show you you meant something special to him

I don't think it matters in the end what matters is you were in a relationship with an alcoholic and now you are NOT and a huge well done for that , you know it makes sense ;-) lol xx

So stay well sweetie , keep sharing and getting support and you WILL get through this and come out the other end!
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Originally Posted by Hawks View Post
From the other side of the fence.

I used to be the alcoholic boyfriend of a few different young ladies (when I was younger of course)

And I am serious when I say... Go and stay gone.

Your alcoholic in denial boyfriend is a mentally sick puppy, he will be a tornado in your life, that will see you eventually end up as sick as he is.

You can't fix him and he does not love you like you love him.

Ignore everything that comes out of his mouth with regards to "love".... Actions speak louder than words.

Always watch his actions if you want to really know how he feels about you.
Hawks, thank you SO much for writing this. I'm going through a similar withdrawal 5 weeks after leaving my sweet, loving ABF and have hit a particularly low stretch this week. DYING to call him and arrange a meeting. KNOWING I should not (at least by conventional that my denial at work?

I really need to hear from the RAs on this. Really, really helps. Thank you for chiming in!
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Originally Posted by Idul View Post
My ex was my addiction and I just think of this as the detox phase.
This is probably more accurate than many of us who love an alcoholic are willing to admit....
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