how do I do it?

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how do I do it?

So as you know my mom is an alcoholic currently living with me b/c of a big break up with her abusive bf. She hinds vodka in her purse and is drinking it when I'm not here. I come home and shes slurring and mumbling and just not normal. I don't know how to take it in, right now I'm so pissed off and just want to yell but I know that wont help. What do I do, I have a friend willing to go to alnon meetings with me, I might try looking around for meeting place near me. But for the time being does anyone have advice how to deal with her? She just got her taxes back and I'm sure shes just going to go get alcohol from the grocery store across the street when I'm not home. I really cant deal with this.......
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(((foool))) - I'm sorry you're going through this. I'm a recovering addict and a recovering codie. Thanks to the financial shape I got myself into, I'm a grown woman, living back home with dad and stepmom.

If I were to use again? I'd be out the door, despite how much my family loves me. They simply will not tolerate that. They are NOT my only option. The money you're mom is spending on alcohol could be used to find her own place. I was homeless, the majority of my crack-using days, in my 40's and I survived.

I think al-anon would be a good start, as well as reading other threads from people who have been in similar circumstances. I read, a LOT, when I came here and it really did help to find out that I'm not alone, and to get a clue how to deal with the A's in my life.

Hugs and prayers,

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I hope you'll go to that meeting...
sounds like 3-d support is what you need as well.

Have you told our mother there's no alcohol in your home?

THen if so, I'm with Impurrfect -
she needs to use thAT money
and get her own place ASAFP.

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I can't imagine how difficult it would be to kick a parent out of your house... I'm having a hard enough time forcing my wife out when she drinks. But sounds like that's something you should think about. If now is not the time for that confrontation, definitely get some additional support (AlAnon, etc.)...
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I have told her. God today she was just repeating everything and slurring, I was really pissed off that's when I made this thread, I just really needed to vent to people who understand. Next time I drop her off to see my nephew and niece and she comes back drunk when I pick her up, I'm honestly going to just drive right home..
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