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skippernlilg 01-22-2011 03:34 AM

Up all night?

My neighbors usually have an all-night poker party on Friday nights. They've been doing this for several years. I can usually hear them, but tonight's got out of hand. I heard shouting and breaking glass and more shouting.

Too much of the drink, I supposed.

When I heard the neighbor's sister going to her car, I offered she stay at my house so as not to drive. (when will I learn).

She started cursing and yelling at me! Maybe now she'll be mad at me instead of her sister. At least she's not driving. It sounds calm there.

Maybe I can sleep now. I do have a long lecture class tomorrow and then a lab. (yes, on Saturday...whew)

barb dwyer 01-22-2011 05:23 AM

My apartment faced a party house.

THey got progressively worse and worse.

THey were keeping this entire side of the building up.
(and entertained sometimes)

I suppose the cops finally put the kaibash on the party
they've been quiet for a few weeks now.

THing tonight over here is
the huge sheet of plastic they've got on the roof
the wind has been blowing like a mother here in MT all night

and that thing has been flapping like crazy.

I hear my neighbor downstairs stumbling around
so now THAT is keeping this side of the building awake.


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