I know I've been procastinating when......

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I know I've been procastinating when......

I've been reading and posting here on SR since November and have reached a conclusion many of us codependents are known to procasinate. We procasinate on things we need to do for ourselves. I am known for procasinating on things that only I can take care myself. I've neglected reading my emails. Today I started reading my emails and was notified my email box had almost reached it's full I have to take the time to clean it up! I'd like to start a thread about when we realize we have been procastinating......

"I know I've been procastinating when"......
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I procrastinate until I have time to do "it" perfectly. perfectly or not at all. LOL
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I know I am procrastinating when I continue to read and post online even when a little voice (in my mind) is begging me to get at a project I really want to do.....

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What? Who? Me?
Oh my lordy lordy do I do this.
The most important things I tend to procrastinate the longest on. I think I don't want to screw them up so I avoid them (which can lead to them being screwed up!).

Taking the next step with my AH is also one I am stalling on. In fact, the other day I asked about him doing his taxes and he replied that since we didn't appear to be divorced YET, he was doing OUR taxes.
Now, although I have been looking into divorce (a little) and have expressed to him it *might* not work out, I felt instantly naseous when he said it.
In fact, the closer I get to saying I am done, the more I seem to look at our wedding a counterbalance reaction to feel safe.
I read a lot here and post in reply to others, but tend not to post my own often...mostly because its the same ole' story and what more is there to say? I'm procrastinating and won't be done with all this till I am done.
So, I feel ya!

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Thanks PTB for this opportunity to make me more aware of what I do.

I am back from a good half hour of non-procrastination - cleaning out my kitchen drawers which were so overloaded I could barely open them and flour/salt/baking powder spilled all over - I actually cleaned and reorganized 2 drawers.

Yes, I am a procrastinator sometimes - not all the time and some of the time I just accept that I am and it is something I need to do before I move on to tasks I don't totally enjoy doing.

I am starting to also realize that my codependency is part of procrastination - it's like whenever I get a thought about checking with AH, making sure AH knows/does/answers/whatever it more than likely means I am procrastinating doing something I don't totally enjoy doing or feel stressed about.

Good idea for post, IMO it is helpful to know when you are procrastinating that way you can pick a start/stop point, maybe do something fun while you're procrastinating and then get back to doing what you need to do or want to accomplish.
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...I'll confess that as soon as I read the title of this thread I immediately jumped up to do the laundry. Laundry is something I have always procrastinated on, not that it's difficult or anything, it just takes forever to finish and I keep forgetting to move clothing to the drier, etc. In my old apartment I'd wait until I was out of underwear and socks, then I'd just buy more rather than do the wash. Since the laundry is in my apartment this time, versus in the basement, I'm not that bad... But I usually wait until I need something that's dirty before I do the wash.

I filed my state taxes tonight, and I am so impressed with myself, usually that takes a couple months, even though it's just a single sheet and a phone call to accomplish (and it always nets out anymore). Still holding out on the Federal, which is crazy because I'll get a small refund, but they're not mailing books this year and so I'm procrastinating looking up the forms.

My dining room table is a mess. I just bring stuff home and drop it there and I'm done.

I have a closet full of pictures and scrapbooking supplies. That's always been a big procrastination thing. All the pictures are of stuff I did with G, so at this point in my life I am okay not pushing myself to do them, but at some point I do want to finish everything. I think the reminder of the good that came with the bad will help me let go of some feelings of mine - but I need to work out my jumpiness and fear to make decisions and my self-doubt first. (Working on that - Bought a new car today, traded in my poor falling-apart hunk of junk for a brand new car right off the showroom floor, 19 miles and not even a year old versus 99,234 and 15 years, how's that for trying to do something nice for yourself? But I've got a ways to go yet.)

Packing up G's stuff. I'll do this in spurts, sometimes I feel so excited to pack it up and other days I'm too depressed looking at it, but little by little it's getting done. My psychologist suggested I just hire a moving company to move it (it will run $100-$150), if I don't want to see him or his family, since it will all fit in a small van and his house is 15 minutes away. The whole affair should take less than an hour. I like that solution, so next weekend I want to do this.

Vacuuming, I haven't done that in forever. Since G isn't here to eat food in every conceivable location, though, it's not that dirty, but still.

Writing my novel, once everything settles down I'm going to restart that in earnest. Publishing a book and learning to fly an airplane have been my two big dreams in life - need to start with the easier (and cheaper!) one first, though.

Ha! I am a master procrastinator.

Thanks, Phoenix, for starting this topic. (I think I should work on some of these things tonight, so at least the list will be smaller tomorrow? Maybe.)
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Phoenix, thanks so much again for starting this topic.
I was so embarrassed by the length of this list, that I actually completed the first two and am most of the way done through the third.
I feel so productive now!
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