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My all-time favorite was, not two hours after explaining to me that he would not have the money to cover the rent he owed me for either the current or previous month, asking me whether I thought he should buy the $115 sunglassses or the $140 sunglasses.

Though, now that I think about it...I'm pretty sure his intention was to get me to buy the sunglasses for him!

Oh I am so glad I don't live in that world anymore.
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Some As quack harder than others, eh, SparkleKitty, but they all don't have to get away with it!
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My RAB's best friend showed up out of the blue from out of state one night. My boyfriend was still drinking at the time, Next thing I know he is staying on our living room floor for a week. They are both wasted. In the middle of the night, while sleeping it off, his buddy starts screaming for his brother. "David! David!" Then he proceeds to start kicking the wall and and tv stand. I come running out of the bedroom mad as hell! My boyfriend is passed out on the couch, not hearing any of it.

I went OFF on them. My B tells me I am being psycho. And up until his recovery 8 months later, still told me I was being a b**ch that night and my behavior was uncalled for. According to him, "he lightly his hand off the tv stand and was only talking in his sleep". To wake them up, I had to dump cold water on both of them to get even en eye-blink out of them. And you're going to interpret that night's events?
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Him: "We can't afford rehab"
Me: "It's covered by our insurance"
Him: "We can't afford for me to take the time off"
Me: "It's only 4 weeks and I'll have my tax refund so we'll more than fine"
Him: "I can't live with a bunch of drunks that long"
Me: *blank stare*
Him: "Oh. How long have we lived together?"
Me: "Exactly"
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This thread continues over here:

I had to split it because it got too long for the server to handle.

Moderator, SR
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