I threw my son out.....

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My xabf went so low that in his late 30s he was living by couch surfing and panhandling. It was still not enough. That's the scary part - we don't know how far will they really let it go. Letting things unfold as they will is hard to do, but we don't really have any control anyway so we might as well let it happen.
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I too, have heard "you're sending me to hell, I will die" etc. It's manipulation through guilt at it's best. I also tried the taking of the debit doesn't matter. Then he will just steal to get what he needs. You did the right thing. It doesn't make it easy, but don't forget why you did it. Keep coming back here. This forum, in the last month or so, has become almost the sole stable thing in my life. He may well end up homeless or in jail, or dead for that matter, but just remember, he doesn't want help and until he does he is not going to stop. Good luck from a fellow Wisconsinite.
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same planet...different world
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Let the baby eagle fly the nest, mama....

The three c's don't enable us to 'ignore' what's happening in their world...
it helps us recognize and respect that it is not ...

"THEIR" world.

they help us cope with both worlds.
THey keep us focused in the reality we are actually in charge of.
And it isn't their reality.

It's very hard to let children learn the consequences of their own actions.
but we have to.

The other statement
I think I have a great handle on #1...but after that ????
that's not in the 'now'.
that's 'what then'
as good as '
'what if?'

neither are here.
neither deal with what's right in front of us.

The three c's
help bgring us back into this moment.

Which is the ONLY moment we can do anything about... or in.
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Barb Dwyer...I love it...the Antarctic with a pocket knife and a space blanket??? LOL. :rotfxko Unfortunately alcoholics are JUST that dramatic.
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You guys have no idea how much your words mean to me. Seriously. This message board is wonderful!

Thanks for the reminders and support. I'll keep working on those 3C's!! AND the 12 steps!

OH, I found AA meetings at a church near my house....I am going to check to see if they have Al Anon too. It wasn't listed but I won't know for sure until I check!
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