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Hi all happy new year,lets hope this will be a good one!

I was wondering if anyone new of really good books on breaking up with an alcoholic or after the breakup with an alcoholic?

Also if anyone knows of any books regarding the tricks alcoholics play?

Ghirl xx
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The Journey from Abandonment to Healing (I believe this is the correct title). Search on the threads entitled "The Damn Book Club." Lots of good information shared there.

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No "tricks" books but Addictive Thinking by Abraham Twerski was helpful.
And they aren't break-up books but I really like Brian Tracy for motivation (I have "Million Dollar Habits" but I think anything by him available at your local library is probably good too.)
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Celticgirl Happy New Year to you.

I just wanted to say that there are liars, cheaters, tricksters, sociopaths etc. that are NOT alcoholics. In fact I would even say that the above mentioned are sometimes alcoholics.

I wonder at times if there is too much emphasis placed on "The Alcoholic" as though they are a subculture unlike anyone else on the planet. I just don't see that as being the case. An active alcoholic is not who they are as one. Many individuals who abuse alcohol have mental and emotional disorders and it is the disorder that should be looked at and treated if possible. Not always so easy for a number of reasons.

This is not meant to be harsh, but maybe it would be more beneficial to read books that will educate you about you, instead of someone you became a hostage to.
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i too thought of the book on abandonment.

truly, celticghirl, i think that sticking close to s/r is one of your best tools. all of the folks here, who have gone before you and i, are a flippin WEALTH of knowledge. utilize it.

and....peace to you. i hope 2011 is full of some major revelations and change for you.
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I found the getting them sober series by Toby Rice Drews very helpful. The title is very deceiving, It is helpful to the family- not so much to the alcoholic. Good stuff.

There are exerpts on the net - if you type in the author you will find something to read online.

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Aside from Codependent No More and Under the Influence I really 'liked' Getting Past your Breakup by Susan Elliot. She has a blog I follow too (Getting Past Your Past)
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