Selfishness of an alcoholic

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The warning signs of abuse:

1. He speaks disrespectfully about former partners.
2. He is disrespectful towards you.
3. he does favors for you that you don't want or puts on such a show of generosity that it makes you uncomfortable.
4. He is controlling.
5. He is possessive.
6. Nothing is ever his fault.
7. He is self-centered.
8. He abuses drugs or alcohol.
9. He pressures you for sex.
10. He gets serious too quickly about the relationship.
11. He intimidates you when he's angry.
12. He has double standards.
13. He has negative attitudes toward women.
14. He treats you differerently around other people.
15. He appears to be attracted to vulnerability.

When is it abuse?
The term abuse is about power; it means that a person is taking advantage of a power imbalance to exploit or control someone else.....The defining point of abuse is when the man starts to exercise power over the woman in a way that causes harm to her (mental or physical) and creates a privileged status for him.

----------from Lundy Bancrofts book "Why does he do that?"
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