Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab

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I have watched all the seasons..they get paid, so it's not like they are truly motivated by having hit their "bottom", but in every show there is at least one person who actually "gets" it. I fI were Dr. Drew, i would tough love some of those people right out of there..some are downright abusive. I don't think it's funny, but I do like watching the process.
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celebrity rehab is one of my fav shows

love the show. love dr. drew. it is on vh-1 i think on mondays and wednesdays...i tape it so i am not sure. i never watched the show while i was active in my addiction but when i got clean i downloaded anything (tv shows and movies) that was about getting clean or sobriety. i had no attention spam and could relate to little else. so, celebrity rehab and sober house episodes got me through early sobriety...along with aa of course and sr.

i do find it out of the ordinary ordinary detox and 30 day rehab but so what...most of these people have real addictions and problems...but it is still t.v.!...i am glad its on.
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Goldengirl, maybe you are in a better place since you can find the humor in these shows. It's all good everyone!
I am. And I try to remember that when I occasionally offend people with my humor on these forums.

I was horribly horribly depressed and in a...I don't even know how to describe it. A very bad place a few years ago. So I do try to remember that when some people get offended at my posts that they are probably where I was.

Sincerely - no offenses are meant with the things I say!
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For what it's worth, it looks like there is an Intervention marathon on A&E today, until 9pm Central in the US.
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Originally Posted by goldengirl3 View Post
They stay in a fabulous place, eat great breakfast, don't do much all day. Meet and talk and then they are released without really being "cured" or whatever you would call it. Not that addiction is ever really "cured."
I had to laugh when I read this...smack in the middle of Pasedena? A fabulous place? Hahaa! There are much more plush rehabs than this place for sure.

Looks like most residential rehabs to me. Yep, they probably do have great meals. Nutrition is HUGE in recovery for body and mind. At the end of each season the "graduates" are strongly encouraged....pushed to live in an SLE (sober living environment). Just like other rehabs, it's the patient's decision whether or not to move into an SLE. I know many who did and many who didn't from my treatment center.

Whether the patients are paid or not, I beleive what I see on this show is genuine. Problem is that it's an hour-long show once or twice a week. It's edited to the hilt and shows only a fraction of what goes on during a day in residential treatment....which includes a variety of groups (process, relapse, women's. men's, anger management, grief and loss), AA and NA meetings/book study, addiction education and lectures, individual and family therapy, exercise - usually yoga, meditation, art therapy, etc.

I didn't do inpatient treatment...did outpatient instead and still had this type of schedule. Only thing I did at home for 2 months was sleep. My treatment center - in my opinion - was a mediocre one. There's nothing fancy about the Pasedena Center. The residents at my treatment center lived in a house and were transported back and forth throughout the day. The Pasedena Center is like a hospital-type setting as far as sleeping quarters go. Meh.

I've been watching since season one. I also watch Sober House (the SLE some of the patients move into at the end of the season). I do get some things out of it....I leave the rest.
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I can't watch any of these shows. They depress and anger me, and the exploitive nature of CR makes it even worse for me than Intervention. Also, I do think CR is potentially a violation of the Hyppocratic Oath, but it can also be a cautionary tale so I'm really not sure.

What I am sure of is that I'm OK with people thinking CR is funny because of the dumb-a$$ things I've watched the alcoholics in my life say and do. What healthy person, or person inexperienced with addicts and alcoholics, wouldn't find some of this to be surreal, unbelievable, and even funny? The stupid sh*t alcoholics do is mind-boggling-- truly mind-boggling.

Occasionally my wife and I even laugh together (like about the time she tried to take my car while drunk but couldn't get it into reverse-- I found her in our parking lot with the car stuck on the curb and revving the engine-- thank God I have a rev limiter and a standard transmission with a wierd move you have to make to put it in reverse, or who knows what would have happenned).

My 2 Cents.

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[QUOTE=glitter;2795738]I had to laugh when I read this...smack in the middle of Pasedena? A fabulous place? Hahaa! There are much more plush rehabs than this place for sure.

Looks like most residential rehabs to me.

I laughed when i read that too..that pasadena rehab looks like a POS frankly compared to the shan-gra-la's we sent my daughter in a mansion in Malibu with a french chef...the next was lower end but in the Santa Cruz mountains and stunningly beautiful...this is definately NOT what Charlie Sheen and Lilo are used to..a rude awakening for those celebs expecting a spa-like atmosphere!
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I think anything that brings attention to the disease of addiction is a good thing. Celebrity rehab really isn't that bad. It's not any more over the top than any other rehab. The only thing that's different is that it's celebrity rehab. Dr. Drew isn't violating any ethical standards by any means. It is up to the patients whether their treatment is made public or not (much better than some gossip rag writing about nonsense about a celebrity they found out was in rehab who didn't want it to be known).

I give the patient's of this show credit.....I mean, I certainly couldn't get before a camera and talk about trauma that happened to me when I was a kid. It was all I could do to talk about it in the private comfort of the process groups I attended at rehab.

I truely believe there is something to learn from the show. If only our society could get past the fact that the patients are celebrities. Addiction and Alcoholsim don't care that they're celebrities, why should we?
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The thing I don't like about Intervention is that the addicts are sent SO FAR from home - sometimes across the country - for treatment. How does one begin to build a sober network when they are so far away from home unless they plan to stay in the area of the treatment facility? Important relationships are built in rehab. I just think it would be so difficult to go away for 60 or 90 or 120 days and then boom! Rehab's done now go home and continue in your recovery.

That would have been very, VERY hard for me.

Of course this is another 1 hour long tv show that's edited. So I'm only assuming this is what happens. Maybe the treatment facilities these folks are sent to arrange for outpatient or continuing care closer to home once they're discharged. I don't know?
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