cheap alcohol

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cheap alcohol

I am from the UK,over here supermarkets sell alcohol fairly cheaply.The government are always saying they will address this but so far none have done so.My AH drinks about 4 litres of strong cider a day this costs about 1 per litre I suppose I am lucky in a way as this doesn't affect the household budget too much but it makes me angry that it is so cheap.What are other countries like with prices?
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When people talk about their A spending all their money on alcohol, I winder if they aren't drinking at bars?

In the US, you could be drinking a handle of hard liquor of $15/day, or a case of beer for less than $12 day. We also have 3 buck chuck for wine-- so you could spend $6 a day and drink 2 bottles of wine...

However, if you go out, you're easily spending 5x that much before tipping for hard liquor and 10X that much for wine-- if you don't start buying drinks for other people. And as a former bartender, a lot of heavy drinkers do spend a lot of money on buying alcohol for other people. That way, they have company.
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And then there are those who are too good to drink the cheap stuff. Who can tell themselves they're not really As if they pay $36 for a bottle of liquor.
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Eight Ball (12-13-2010)
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Thank goodness it is cheap. If it wasn't, it would NOT stop any alkie from drinking. It would just stop them from paying their housing, their car bill, the day care, the grocer, etc...

You can't social engineer alcoholism out of existence by regulating price or availability. In the mid 1980's under Gorbachev the Russians pretty much took all alcohol off the market hoping to eradicate or reduce alcoholism. It was a terrible disaster and within a couple months the policy was reversed. Now you can get vodka from off the street from dispensers like coke machines. Raising the price would just increase the misery for the families of alcoholics, because of course you know nothing else ever comes first.
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yeh im in the uk and my now ex used to drink 9 litres of frosty jacks strong white cider a day costing 9.00,it is a joke that they can get it so cheap but with him it wouldnt matter he would get it one way or another anyway!
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It didn't matter to XAH how much it cost. He stole money from my purse to buy his vodka when he didn't have his own money. He spent his entire paychecks on vodka, maybe a steak now and then; maybe there were more illicit things he was spending his money on, IDK for sure. I do know he didn't give any money to keep the heat or power on at our place, he didn't give any money for his truck payment or insurance or rent, it all went to alcohol.

Heck he's still not renting his own place. He still doesn't have car insurance. He still doesn't pay any of his own bills. He no longer has a truck; he drives his GF's car. He's gone through 5 jobs since this summer. It doesn't matter how much alcohol costs, he'll find a way to drink when he needs to. Sooner or later, even the cheapest stuff will be more than he has money for, because sooner or later he'll no longer have a job.

There's no sooner or later on this one: it's already cost him a family. I think that's a pretty stiff price to pay to keep drinking.
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