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I am always the youngest person in the room. (I also apparently look younger than I am. My lead at work is convinced I'm 23. Okay, I'll be 23 if you want. *Grins*)

Sometimes I feel as if the people at the front of the room look down on me because I am younger. I'll say my piece, and they'll interject at the end "that's because <>" - which was exactly something I had said directly at the beginning, so it is obvious they did not really listen.

But the other people in the room listen to what I have to say, and I had three people wanting to talk to me and exchange phone numbers after the last meeting. I just spend five hours at someone's house tonight, talking about things and cuddling kittens, and it felt great. I made a new friend. <3

So it is certainly not everyone, just a couple people at the front of the room who think I'm too young to understand things the way that they do.

Right now it is not getting in the way too much. If it does, I do have a couple other meetings I could switch to, but I want to finish up all 12 steps and traditions at this meeting before I think about changing anything. (We have only done the first 2 of each so far, but it has been very helpful).
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