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goldengirl3 11-19-2010 06:57 AM

I'm a small town girl in a big crazy world....
So I get to work early today and decide to say hello to another lady in the office on my way to my desk. (There are few women in my office.)

We start talking and within the ten minutes she tells me that she and her husband are swingers and how they swap partners and what it's like to be the other woman and how she has been jealous before of other women and on and on.

What scared me was how selfish she seemed to be - as though because she would have feelings for another woman's man, she had rights to him.

Part of my fear, is that was my ex had been in an emotional affair at work and that woman seemed to think she had rights to my bf. (It was something that had started while he was married and then continued until I came along.) When I finally talked to her (I tried to as nicely as I could) that I really needed her to back off - she went off. That was very embarrassing for me and still is to this day.

People just scare me sometimes.

Phoenixthebird 11-19-2010 07:42 PM

Goldengirl, I just believe people can be just plain STUPID sometimes! I, too, grew up in a small town with a total population of 900 people. However, I married an active duty military man, and have been around the world. With my travels with him I definitely experienced a LOT of different things. However, I would have felt very uncomfortable having your conversation with one of my fellow co-workers. I would have tried to end this conversation as soon as possible, making up any excuse, and walk away.

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Anger can be constructive in telling me that someone else is stepping on some boundaries that I need to enforce.

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It is futile to spend time trying to figure out what makes some one else tick.

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Seren 11-19-2010 08:20 PM

OK.....can I just say....ewwwwwwwwww. Not this woman, no way, no how. Don't blame you for being uncomfortable and just scratching your head over the whole thing.

Takes all kinds I guess?

Jadmack25 11-20-2010 06:39 AM

Well, some women I know are blabbermouths and have let me cop an earful at times, but Wheee, I sure haven't been hit with the cr*p you had put on you. Thank God.
Hell, I sat here gobsmacked reading your post, so what my reaction to being in your position would have been I dread to think.

Can you avoid this kreepy kinky woman, or are you going to see much of her?
If she sticks around, you may have to be somewhat abrupt and tell her that you DO NOT wish to hear these things and if necessary, walk away.

I am still shaking my head.

goldengirl3 11-20-2010 05:59 PM

I am still shaking my head.
Okay good! I'm not alone! I am quiet and shy at first with people and I think this is why they will tell me ANYTHING. And when I hear these kinds of things I wonder, "Geesh I wonder if a lot of people are doing this and she's just a blabbermouth about it."

I pegged her as nutty from the moment she walked in the door. Her hair was kind of mad professorish with pointy glasses which had me wondering how her brain was wired. (I'm really not one to judge - am a low maintenance chic but am told I am good at reading people.) The other part about her, when I would have conversations with her I would hear her say contradictory messages. Such as "we should do this" and then later "should not do this...." So when she told me this that morning, it just made an even more complete picture of what I believe to be a basketcase.

Unfortunately I will have to work with her but I will definitely be keeping her at an arm's length.

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