Said what I needed to say....

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Said what I needed to say....

Ok so once again I let him get under my skin....the only difference once I said things I NEEDED to say, things I had hidden and kept to myself for fear of his anger. I stated very clearly that I would rather be DIRT poor, raising all6 kids on my own that EVER be called a b again by someone who supposedly loves, or be told how worthless I am, or be told I do nothing, or be put down in anyway. In a way I think I was telling myself that.......It felt really good to say those words, though they seem simple...but I needed to tell him that. Now, it probablly had 0 effect on him, but was 100% theraputic for me!
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I was in a relationship where I had no voice. I can relate to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with expressing your true feelings.
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Keep reminding yourself that your feelings and thoughts are important too. It is important to be able to feel safe expressing yourself in a relationship. And whatever you do or what he thinks you do... expressing it in a negative way or demeaning manner is not necessary. Keep posting.
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Yes, it's a wonderful feeling to get something that you need even if it is just saying what you need to say. I find even being detached enough from my AH to feel and know what I want or don't want is a great feeling. And although it is disappointing that saying what I need to say affects AH very little I'm still going to do it and glad you are doing it too Free.
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