...boyfriend left for residential rehab--->update!

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Smile ...boyfriend left for residential rehab--->update!

Hi everyone.
Thank you all for your comments and suggestions on my last post.
My bf is just finishing up his second week at rehab and is doing great! i went to visit on Sunday and i admit, at first i was a little unsure at how to react to everything. He was trying to explain to me their daily schedules, and groups and activities, and all I could think was 'man this sounds like a cult!'...but a good cult at that! Its amazing to me that even after just a week at rehab, how much change i could see in him already. How open he was to me about everything. Even how open he was to all the different groups, discussions, and tools they were teaching him.
Before i visited i had alot of anxiety about him being there, how i would fit into his recovery process. but after visiting and him explaining to me that i was helping and supporting by just being me, it's really helped alot.
We had a very good day together. One of the best ones in recent memory. Went to dinner, walked along the river,carved our pumpkins that we had picked from the pumpkin patch, but never had time to carve before he left for rehab. Had lots of good talks. He formally appologized for the things that he had done in the past. For drinking so much. Both shed a few tears, I just smile thinking about the day.
At the end of the night I attended his AA meeting with him. It was a good expierence to gain a little insight into what he's going through.
I feel like we've grown 10X closer even after just 2 weeks in rehab. He actually shows emotion now, and likes telling me about his day, how he's feeling, and even asked about me. it's great.
I think since we've had time abpart we've both got to reevaluate our relationship. I took the suggestion and have been focusing on myself for the first time in many my hair done, a mani-pedi, and made sure i looked extra cute on my visit. I've been catching up on all the chick flicks i've missed out on, and girls night with my friends. It's amazing what can change in 2 weeks!
I'm headed back to visit him this weekend. There are family groups on sunday that i am going to attend. and then on monday, (per his and his counselors request) i am 'following' him to all his groups and meetings and having one-on-one with his counselor with him. I am actually looking forward to it.
He still has a week left. and i know it's not going to be a cake walk when he gets to leave his 'safe-bubble' at rehab and return to the real world. But i think he is really taking to heart what they are teaching him, and have lots of faith in his sobriety. And i am going to continue to focus on me as well... I'm excited to see what our future holds.
Thank you all, and i will continue to keep you updated!
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thanks for the update lavndr16-

glad to hear he is embracing his recovery. the fact that he apologized and took ownership to you of the harm he's done is a very encouraging sign.

of course, the chance of relapse is very high, but some do make it thru.

good to hear you are focusing on you.

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Thanks for your response naive!

Yes, i do understand the probability of relapse is high. But i think that if it happens, we now both have a more educated foundation of what to do, as well as a better support system of people we can turn to if we need advice and help. I am very optimistic that no matter the outcome of post rehab, it will be better than it was pre-rehab. I guess you could call me a chronic optimistic...but hey, what better way to view the world than looking at the brighter side!
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