The Power of Now

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The Power of Now

I am reading this book which is on some list I was given from Al-anon I think . I am reading the part about escaping the pain by accepting rather than resisting what is.
I am in so much pain right now .My daughter is trying to recover from alcohol. She is disabled, on crutches, now homeless because her partner of 3 years threw her out.(Partner also has drug and alcohol problems but she is highly functioning ) She says she does not want to live anymore. How can I not resist this? Trying to fix her is as bad as an addiction. I can't stop. She won't come live with me. Her art is finally being shown and sold in NYC and she refuses to leave there. She paints at school during the day then sleeps wherever she can at night. It is raining there now and she went to a shelter but it is full and she has the flu so bad she cannot even go to school.When I dont hear from her for a day I cannot sleep and I start calling her friends. I spend hours on the phone with her when she is down, trying to calm her and help. She has a sponsor now. She met with her the first time yesterday . I asked how that went and she said all I did was cry.
She is never mean to me , she tries not to call me when things are going bad but I really can't handle that. The unknown is worse if possible than the knowledge. I keep reading this book and it sounds right and impossible. I think I will keep reading it over and over. Maybe something will stick
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I got a tremendous amount of help from that book when AH relapsed and I truly didn't know which way to turn.

Great resource for what you're going through now. If you work at it, it will stick. It's powerful stuff.
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My thoughts are with you and your daughter...

I truly wish you good luck with this. If I had experience to share I would. It's always so difficult to find the line between helping and enabling. I've been trying or seven years and I'm still never sure exactly where that line is.

So, I'll say only two things--to take care of others you must first take care of yourself, and get thee to an Al-Anon meeting. If you don't like the first one you go to, then go to a different one (at least six meetings in two weeks).

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