Need Help with letter to court

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Need Help with letter to court

Hello all. My cousin who was my best friend growing is a heroin addict. He recently was arrested and is being charged with felony drug posession. His lawyer is fighting for him to be able to go to rehab vice prison. I was asked to write a letter to the court on why i believe that he should be allowed to go to rehab vice prison. I would like to hear some inputs on this. Here it is:

To whom it may concern,
My name is Justin W, cousin of Nicholas W. I would like to explain to you why I believe that is in the best interest of everyone that Nicholas be allowed to return to rehab instead of prison.

I would like to begin by telling you a little about the history of Nick, our family, and me. It is true that addiction is a problem that has consumed a lot of our family. As a child, this affected Nick and I a great deal. My father was not around for the first several years of my life because of drugs. Our uncle died of an overdose of crystal meth. We also have another Aunt and Uncle who are overcome by addiction.

As children and into our teens, Nick and I were very close. We were much different from the rest of our family. We are highly intelligent, motivated, and caring people. Our personalities were almost identical. We recognized the effects addiction had on our family, and we vowed to change it.

Unfortunately, Nick fell victim to this horrible disease. Addiction took over Nick and caused him to do things that he would never do sober. This is why I believe we need to look at who Nick was before addiction, to determine the action to take with him. Before he was an addict, Nick was everything I said above and more. I think that the best evidence to the kind of person Nick was, is that he was elected as student body president his senior year of high school.

Nickís peers chose him for that position because of who he was and what he represented. Nick is an extremely caring person. If someone is not feeling well, he will do everything in his power to make them feel better. He reaches out to everyone, regardless of who they are. He isnít judgmental. He can make anyone laugh. Everyone is happy when Nick is in the room. He cares about his family. He is motivated. He puts 100% effort into everything he does. Overall, Nick is a great person.

Jail is a system used to protect society from people. Society does not need to be protected from Nick. Society needs more people like Nick! Unfortunately, Nick is not himself right now. He is sick. People do not go to jail to get better. They go to treatment. This is why we need to give Nick a good rehabilitation program. We do not need to lock him up; we need to help him get better.

Rehabilitation is not the end of this disease. Nick needs a good, healthy, sober support system. I have agreed to let Nick come live with me in Seattle, WA. I will help him with his sobriety by living a sober life with him. The northwest provides an abundance of activities that promote sobriety. There is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, and numerous others. This will allow Nick to return to society in a new environment, with people who are supportive to sobriety and not detrimental to it.

To tell you about myself, I left Kansas City, MO six years ago to join the United States Navy. I made that decision, because it was important to make something of myself. I am finishing up my commitment to the military now and will soon be attending University of Washington to get my BS in Mechanical Engineering. Iíve learned a lot about how to establish myself, and I can relay those lessons to Nick. I hope you allow Nick to go to rehab, so that I may guide and support him to a new lifestyle. We as society need Nick back. Please allow us to have him back.
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sorry, posted in the wrong area.
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very well written!
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