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Hope everything goes ok *hugs*
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Jenn, I feel your concern and your anxiety. I'm praying for you and your baby...all of you, including AH and your 4-year old.

An induction date may be the answer to your concerns about getting to the hospital safely. That's good news! And you're also close to full-term which is good news if you do need to have an early delivery. I pray that all will be well with the health of your child...and you...

Peace and hugs to you, Jenn.
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Sending you easy labour vibes....let us know what's happening!
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I would consider an ambulance, except for the cost, and I am unsure if they would transport my daughter as well,
jenn, perhaps you could call them, explain your situation, determine the cost and find out if they will transport your daughter with you.

i feel uncomfortable that there is no plan yet. for your own peace of mind and safety, please make a few phone calls.

another idea that came to me is that you explain the transportation issue to your doctor, privately, when you see him regarding the induction. i would imagine he could pull a few strings regarding the ambulance. if your husband is accompanying you, you could merely ask your doctor if you could have a moment in private about "woman things"...that normally sends men running...

you take care now,
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When I was about to give birth to my daughter, I blindly chose the Bradley method (father coached labour) thinking that this would cause my ex to step up and show interest in my pregnancy . HE never attended any of the meetings, never read any of the books on how to guid me through labour, never wanted to feel the baby kicking.
I started realizing really fast that noting at all in the world would make this *great* wonderful amazing guy be there for me when I really needed him.
It was the begining of me seeing that there was a real problem, and it took me 14 months of caring for the baby all alone, no friends, no family, to decide that I wanted something better for her.
You know what , my biggest worry during natural labour was? Not that the baby would be ok, or tht I would be ok, but that he would be in a good mood that day and not yell at me during labour or make himself the center of attention.
I hope that it is a joyful day for you no matter what you husband decides to do. It will be your day and your babies day, and no matter what he does you cannot let it effect the joy of that day. Find some support wherever you can and good luck.

I just wanted to address the fact that you are blaming yourself for not being able to communicate effectively. I think you communicate quite well and everyone replying to your post could understand the issue at hand. You do not have a communication problem. No matter how you verbaize or change your requests or try to get him to see your side of things, it just will not happen for any significant perriods of time or enough to change his behaviour. Reading al-anon and about codependency changed my perspective , from it being my fault for his reactions or lack of understanding to seeing that it was my "fault" but not in the way that I use to think it was.
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Hi Jenn, so sorry to hear that you are in this stressful situation at this time. I hope you can sort out transportation. It is always good to have a back up plan but especially when our partners are unavailable and unreliable. I hope you are also finding time for relaxation. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Please have a 24x7 cab agency # handy.

Austin chica said

It will be your day and your babies day, and no matter what he does you cannot let it effect the joy of that day.

I agree 100%.

Jenn, sadly addiction will be priority no matter what the cost. Births, life events normal people consider important are also second to addicts.

First things first: YOUR health and peace of mind.

I agree talking to the doc about this may make him provide a few ideas. Its sad he is losing this special time, but I am glad your daughter has a very strong mom and an adult in her life. You and the baby are in God's handsl. Welcome to SR and you are in my thoughts. Remember to take deep breaths.
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Tomorrow is the day. I am being induced in the morning. My baby is only at the 2nd percentile for growth. We will see how all of this will go. Thank you for all of your support.
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I'll have you in my thoughts.
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Prayers and thoughts with you and your so precious little one.
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Praying for all of you, Jenn.
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prayers to you and your family
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