Voluntary Inerlock Questions

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Voluntary Inerlock Questions

I was just wondering if any of you knew the cost of having an Interlock device installed ... not court ordered ... just voluntary. Besides the cost, do you have any experiences with it good/bad that you can share?

I know that BIL would probably not agree to have it installed because he is in complete denial of a problem and is sure that he can handle things and function fine even if he were to test above the legal limit ... but I just want to look into possibilities just in case he has a moment of clarity and would say yes.

I know we have to let BIL make his own choices, hit his own lows, etc. But the idea of him out there driving around and endangering others when he's been drinking is really upsetting. I know Interlock wouldn't stop him from driving with drugs in his system, but it would at least stop him from driving drunk.

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Not the worst idea, probably run about a grand from what I've heard. If he isn't mandated to have it though he will probably just get it removed or find a different vehicle. You are treating the symptoms and not the causes. He needs to come to a realization that it is a problem first then have a support system to help if he isn't capable of change on his own.

If you want to force the issue notify the police when you know he is driving drunk.
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Best device for stopping a drunk driving? A burley cop with a frown on his faceand his hand saying stop.
Second Best is the judge sending the idiot to gaol.
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I looked into it... pricey. And ultimately, my marriage was long spent, and I ended up leaving him (or rather, kicking him out) shortly thereafter, so it wasn't an issue.

But they are pricey if you have to buy one. The court-ordered leases are much cheaper. Not that you want to go that way if you don't have to, but still...
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