It's been a while,but here's an update

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It's been a while,but here's an update

Hello all, i hope you are all in good health and doing well. It's been about a month or so since I've updated about what's been going on in my life,but here it is now.

So,ever since I broke up with my exabf,things were a little rough,we still talked for a little,but I told myself I would never get back with him.He said I was the only friend he pretty much had,and I felt bad for that so I decided to at least be his friend and nothing more.A week later,an old friend from middle school came back into my life,because he thought he saw me at the university the other day.He asked me out on a date,but I turned him down twice because I wasn't too sure where my feelings were at the moment.

Then one day,I took up his offer on the date.We had a good time,my ex kept texting me but I ignored them.On our way home however,ironically enough a drunk driver rear ended us. He hit us twice then ran off.We were both okay,and funny thing is that car crash brought us closer than ever.

A few days later we started dating,and my new bf is amazing.He doesn't drink or smoke,he's pretty much everything I wanted in a relationship.The best thing about it is that I don't have to worry about him going off and drinking.My ex didn't know that I moved on until a couple days later,he got extremely mad at me,called me at 4am and started yelling at me.I didn't care,I know it's kinda childish but I did rub it in his face a little.After that he kind of left me alone.

I heard my ex has finally been going to a clinic though,I don't know if he's continuing it or what he's up to,but I'm glad he took the steps to do that at least.He wanted me to see him a few weeks ago,but I told him that he was out of the way (which is he is,like 40min.).He also wanted me to take him to go get a few things for his drill and deployment,I wanted to tell him,"why don;'t you ask that girl you slept with?" but I held my tongue.I just told him I didn't want to see him anymore.So thats when he stopped talking to me,and yeah.I'm not sure if I should feel bad for saying that,but when I think about it he has put me through a lot,and I really am his only friend,but friends don't do that to their friends! at least not my friends...

So yep,thats my update,everything is going good.I get my Associate's degree in a year or less,then moving onto the nursing program at my college. It is possible to move on,you just have to learn to let go.
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Oh, we love hearing stories like this!! Thank you for coming back to share and best of luck with the new beau!!
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Good girl!

You made some smart moves. Also good going on resisting the urge to get into it with him about the woman he slept with. No good ever comes of that sort of thing.

Hope things continue to go well for you--congrats on moving on with your life!
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