Fun Friday night

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Angry Fun Friday night

Well heres a fun one! Last night was my A's Birthday, and we went to my moms for dinner, then to The Eagle's concert, but I had to go right to bed when we got home cause I had to work today. So tonight, I took him out to dinner for his BD, just him and me. Well, he drank before we went, and was slurring his words durring dinner. Not being beligerant or anything. The resturaunt was in a nice mall, so I thought we might go window shopping after. We went 2 places, and he could barely do that! Then was rambeling on the way home. I came upstairs to go to the bathroom and was up here probably 10 minuites, and didn't hear anything downstairs. So I called down a couple of times and no answer. I went down to see if he was ok, and he was passed out on the couch already!!!!! It's only 8:00!!!!!!! I wanted to DO something on my only night off! I thought about going out and shooting some pool, but now I don't want to put forth the effort. So I will do as always and sit here and watch TV! So much for having a little fun!
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Hey Mama,

I learned my lesson "Never make plans with an A" you'll just end up frustrated and put out. So I suggest you set yourself up with some comfort food (see Nar-Non section for ideas) and enjoy your evening that way. As for me I'm working on a loaf of buttered french bread...yummy

Take Care,
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how true..I get so tired of not having someone to share the simple things with..and I get so sick of slurred words and blurred eyes and movies alone and friends asking how he's doing..and family turning their backs...but I can't control it...and I can't change it...only he can change his life...but I can look up instead of down and forward instead of back and I can hope to hell there is a better tomorrow...suzy
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