Doubts about Al-Anon

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I too have a very hard time with the spiritual aspect. I worked all my life to recover from a strict and controlling religious upbringing. Beliefs forced down my throat. It was a long process to get to where I am at. And so when they start mentioning the higher power I think of it in a cosmic, natural sense, not a religious one. Otherwise literally my skin would crawl. But those are my issues. I am fully aware of the value others may find on their Higher Power. I also believe in self direction. But just as the saying goes, 'take what you need and leave the rest'.
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I have had friends in recovery who struggled with this same concept. They ended up using the group as the higher power - something greater than themselves which could restore them to sanity.

It worked for them. You'll find what works for you. I learned not to get too hung up on semantics - I just wanted recovery so bad that I was willing to do what it took to get it!
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I know of an atheist who simply replaced the word 'God' ... with 'good'.

And that was enough.

he does get ranty and ravy from time to time about the whole thing
but he's been sober the whole while,
and I think that is evidence that his solution can work for someone else
if that someone has the committment.

And it's only your second meeting?

Heck, go to the man-cave first lol.

The point is, you're reaching out
you're trying to connect
and that's probably more
than you've done on this level in a long time, if ever.

I was married to a scientist for seven years.
I've a brother who's an astrophysicist.
I know how y'all can be.

SO give yourself credit for where you are today.

The other will take care of itself.
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Hi Phineas,

I understand your struggle (as one with an atheist / agnostic belief system)...I posted a similar question under my previous screen name and found peoples' responses enlightening and interesting, so I thought I'd repost the link to that old question here for you:

(by the way, I am still trying to figure out what my HP is--higher purpose, in my view....)
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"Take the parts you like and leave the rest........"
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