Relieved, but taking it step by step.

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Relieved, but taking it step by step.

Well last evening I said me say about... taking back my life....not being part of the "game" anymore...... you have to do it...I can't do it for you......etc etc. Everything I had been rehearsing to say. Everything carefully worded to make sure that it wasn't an attack, that I didn't break her seld esteme down. I don't know what I was expecting.......some denial...the usual whine "Don't you trust me/love me/understand how hard it is?" But the rug was completely pulled out from under me! The response was a very quiet "Yes I know" There was no promises to do something about it later or tomorrow or when ever, rather this deep acknowledgement and acceptance.

This morning I am swinging between wanting to shout from the roof tops, to fighting with the little voice inside saying just wait and see...........

Well I only have today......and that is what I will give thanks for. I will enjoy the peace and love that is back in the house. I will pray that God will help us to stay focused on Him and on the next step.

Thanks for being here for me.
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Hi Charli,

I think that was a step in the right direction, instead of blaming and excuse making your Beloved said simply. "I know".

When he is sober you could brink up the conversation again with him and remind him of his answer and ask him now that he knows what is he going to do about it and what can you do to help.

Its good you werent shouting, people tend to take issues more seriously when it is done quitely.

I think you need to make him understand that he needs to get some proper help or you are not prepared to carry on.

Good luck.
Suzie x
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I am happy you were able to share your feelings last night.

Yes, you are right - now you wait and see. I have come to understand that active addicts can and will say anything. I have learned to look at actions, not words.

I hope she is able to take steps to begin her recovery.

Peace and hugs to you!
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